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And you xiangxie

Young men and women in love often have endless words in their hearts and endless heart songs. Every word and smile is unforgettable; Every word and every sentence is also a poem manuscript. My thoughts are flying because of love, and I am like a spring because of love. However, we, lovers and youth don’t belong to us any more. The love of old wives, just like the left hand and the right hand, is there no feeling? No, love, our love is as plain as drops of rain and dew. In the wrinkles of time, it flows into streams and reaches rivers. Our love is like old wine after years, the more time it passes, the more lasting fragrance it gives off. There is no flower before and under the moon, no love, only ordinary life, but silent love, because we are all very satisfied, we do not have too much extravagance for life, in plain days, I just want to stay with you in this life. Love is silent, it is your long waiting at the crossroads, and it is the hot water you add silently when I lower my head to wash clothes. These subtle and trivial actions are in my heart. Husband, I have deeply felt your love in silence. Autumn Rain Phoenix tree, how many tears; The steps are red, old dreams follow the wind. How much sadness becomes the past, how much memory is engraved in my heart? The years are long, how many years have passed, I am like a floating leaf, flying to your window by accident, how many times do you think, how many times do you pray? I turned my eyes inadvertently, as if I had met for a thousand years. Hold Your Hand and grow old with you. Every time I read such a sentence, my heart will give birth to a lot of warmth. Your smile, your humor, your warmth and your bright eyes are all in front of me. You and I are just the most ordinary couple in the vast sea of people. Your heart and mine are the most sincere life confession, without material inducements and power struggles, we only choose a peaceful and peaceful life. We yearn for innocence. If there is peach blossom in our hearts, where is the artistic conception between water and clouds? This is the simplest life without complaint. Therefore, if you hold your hand, you will have to walk together in the next life. Therefore, if you have a companion, there is no time to turn back. Su Rui’s song was still ringing in her ears. I was thinking about you, our love, my close lover and my long hair. It was no longer a fairy tale in my dream, with petals flying and floating on my long hair. Husband, the dreamlike snowflakes have sprung up one after another. It is the beautiful snow girl who has put herself into her lover’s arms without hesitation, and the Earth is so magnificent at this time, the Wilderness and the village are immersed in solemn peace. Love makes the Earth silent and silent. A glittering heart knows that I am also like this floating snowflake, reaching your dream. Tonight, your dream must be bright and glittering, which is a piece of holy solid color, and does not dye a trace of dust in the secular world. You must have fallen into a long dream, while I am still struggling to write on the draft, writing my touch and feeling of life and my choice without regret. In this life, is it for making an appointment with you? This date, which had been waiting for thousands of years, came late. I thought that I had missed the flowering period and the most beautiful season in my life. I didn’t want to have such an opportunity and a colorful flower event, I know that what I have is the most selfless love. That little girl who loves crying is surrounded by happiness from now on. In this life, I just want to meet you, walk through the wind and rain with you hand in hand, and bring you to the old. Looking forward to a sincere love, looking forward to a pure land that has not been annihilated by desire, how hard it is in this era of money first and advocating material? The sanctity of soul reflects your lonely shadow and cold. If you were once worried about losing a star, then now you should really be lucky that I have a bright moon. I love, let me tell you gently that I am willing to take your hand and stay with you; I am willing to take your hand and stay with you to pray for peace and peace; In this life, I would also like to be with you, watching the stars and the moon. At night in the countryside, we can talk about Mulberry hemp together. We can catch crabs, pick fruits and listen to the lingering singing of the clear river. I only wish that we can join hands, the years will be quiet and good, and your heart and mine will be as clear and transparent as the deep well. You and my love are also like a phoenix, Nirvana and rebirth. 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