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There is always something that attracts our eyes. There is a moment of staying or looking back, or just a glimpse, that is appreciation. Once I stopped because a piece of clothes looks so beautiful on others, but that was appreciation, because some things were not really suitable for you. Maybe it is because of the things we appreciate that there will be common topics. How can people be different? If there is no common language, even if they know each other, they are just friends of gentlemen, as light as water. However, for those who have common language and can fall in love with each other, they may only understand with one eye and one smile. Sometimes, there will be heart. I used to have this feeling many times. When I thought of someone, I suddenly called him. Maybe when I thought of someone, I really met him. Just with the passage of time, as I never met each other, this feeling disappeared little by little and moved away little by little. Friendship exists among people. Only with this friendship can we cherish each other. If we are just a stranger, why do we care about his well-being, his existence and appreciation, it is just an episode in life. Who is destined, who is who? Only who knows how to appreciate this world, and only when they attract each other can they have a feeling between each other. Only when they attract each other can they get along with each other. With the growth of age, the horizon becomes wider and wider, and there are fewer and fewer people who are worthy of appreciation. However, if you meet someone who is worthy of appreciation, you may be moved or stay for a few more seconds. I once looked back at the beautiful woman I met on the street. It was not a famous brand of her, but she had a kind of temperament, noble but elegant, with a taste of standing out, but it was inseparable for all, she still woman. Perhaps it is this taste that makes people appreciate. But in recent years, I have gradually grown old, not just getting married just for marriage. However, in my eyes, if I can’t meet someone I appreciate all the time, I would rather live alone in my own world, but I still need a stable nest. Who doesn’t know that a beautiful flower in full bloom is the most attractive, and some people would rather lower their heads and bend down just to see its appearance, just for the fragrance, worship under its appearance. But who else, in order to appreciate the extremely ugly flowers, if you know herbs, you may be the same as me. If you understand a little, you will understand that there are some ugly flowers, in fact, it has great medicinal properties. Have you ever given an ordinary woman or man the right to express. If you appreciate his amazing words, full of talent, or other abilities, do you stay for him well? Time may be very short, just one second, but do you think he has courage, not just a momentary impulse. Have you ever given such an opportunity to express yourself best. I used to be very naive. As long as the first impression was denied, no matter how excellent he was, I felt a disgusting atmosphere in my heart. Or maybe someone has said a word, if you look at others is not good, it is your own cultivation is not enough. I often think deeply about this sentence, when I see the needle blood, everyone has something I hate, which is a normal reflection. However, life has constant experience. Some people think, have insight and have cultivation, which leads to such a big difference between people. People don’t have noble points, but they are elegant and vulgar. Someone once said that the less money people have, the more elegant they can go there. I don’t deny this sentence. If you are so poor that you can’t even eat enough, where does your elegance come from. Their elegance can be seen from another scenery. Although they are poor, they have a kind heart and a simple heart, which reflects the charm of a person. People can’t do without their own vision, but the scenery and amorous feelings they appreciate will change with their own vision. Time is terrible. It makes you lose a lot when you get it. Just like the passing of time, we gradually appreciate what we like as we grow old. While gradually saying goodbye to naivety, it also gradually matures. Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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