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The land is yellow. Yellow Land plays a vital role in the eyes of farmers. They have been ploughing, sowing and harvesting on the yellow land for generations, and living on this yellow land. Facing the loess and facing the sky, the perennial face has made them have deep feelings for yellow. The feeling of autumn is also yellow. Golden wheat waves, withered leaves and yellow fruits make people lament that the year will end, and at the same time, they are delighted for the harvest of the year. Yellow represents power and majesty. In the ancient five elements and five colors, the center is yellow. Yellow symbolizes the central regime and territorial doctrine. Yellow was exclusively used by feudal emperors in ancient times, and ordinary people are far behind yellow. Yellow Robe is the dragon robe of the Emperor, Huang Yue is the ceremonial of the Emperor, Huang bang is the imperial edict of the Emperor, and Yellow Horse coat is the official uniform of civil and military ministers granted by the Emperor of Qing Dynasty. The yellow gold is so expensive till now. Yellow becomes a symbol of wealth. In the old days, people called the days suitable for doing big things as auspicious days. Yellow was the symbol of Geely. Influenced by the West, Huang occasionally reminds people of vulgarity. Such as yellow books and periodicals, pornography, anti-pornography, etc. However, Huang makes people think more of positive things. Yellow bananas on the table always evoke people’s appetite. Golden Chrysanthemum blooms in the late autumn season, but what makes people think of is the noble quality of proud Frost. The light yellow clothes can always make your skin look whiter with a proper match. Because yellow is more eye-catching, yellow is often used to warn danger or remind attention. The yellow light on traffic signs is the yellow used. Bright, glorious, rich and eye-catching yellow, joined the colorful team, playing an irreplaceable role. Red becomes the main color whenever there is a festive scene. The bride was wearing red wedding dress with red shoes, graceful and graceful, with a pink face, sending red wedding candy to relatives and friends, and then people’s red envelopes. The new house was covered with red quilts, red pillowcases and red bed sheets. People always like to stick red couplets in front of the door and hang red lanterns to indicate that the days of next year will always be prosperous. Red has become a symbol of auspiciousness. Under the Sun, the dark red, pink, light red and pink flowers are always particularly eye-catching. The red sunset also makes people lament that the setting sun is infinitely good. When his beloved hand came to his eyes with the red rose in his hand, he seemed to see a red heart leaping. Red is so striking, so warm, and unforgettable. In the cold winter, the red flame, with red tongue, virtually dispelled the chill. The red blood was boiling under the young face, which made people excited. Red is so warm. The red certificate and the red certificate are so desirable. The red prohibition card makes people know what is the prohibition of order, and the red warning light makes people learn to avoid. Red, sometimes also indicates danger and warning. But most of the time, people still like red and red characters so much. People call the person who contributes to the beautiful marriage of others matchmaker, the lively and prosperous place, the bustling and bustling place, the world of mortals; The political demands for progress, people who study hard in business are called popular and professional; The situation of a person is very good and is called Popular. The person who gets the favor and trust of the boss is called red man, and the profit allocated to the partnership is called bonus. Women’s dress is called red makeup or red dress, and women’s makeup is called red sleeve, the beauty of a woman is called beauty. Red clothing once became popular, and was flaunted in the streets and lanes by beautiful women like clouds. If life is also a kind of color, that color must be red. The combination of orange red and yellow becomes orange. Orange Is the Warmest Color in the warm color system. Orange pomelo, corn, flowers, sunglow and light are all rich oranges. In the harvest of autumn, there are orange fruits, and the farmer’s eyes are full of relief. It is said that using orange as the layout color of the restaurant can enhance appetite. Orange is a color of wealth, happiness and happiness. The lively orange is often forgotten in festive scenes. Many decorations in the palace also use orange to show the wealth of objects. At night, the orange street lamp emits orange light, which not only illuminates the dark road, but also makes the heart feel warm. In the clothes, the warm orange always makes people’s eyes linger unconsciously. People like to wear bright and striking orange clothes to make their mood brighter. Orange is widely used in people’s life. The famous Halloween Jack pumpkin lantern is made of orange pumpkin. In Taiwan, Orange became the representative color of the People’s Democratic Party. The uniform of the Dutch national football team is also orange. Before 1994, the main color of South Africa’s national flag was orange, white and blue, representing the colony of Boer who was the descendant of the Dutch in early South Africa, Orange Free State and the Republic of South Africa. Due to the high vision of Orange, Orange once became a warning color among safe colors. Locomotive, mountaineering clothing, backpacks, life jackets and so on are all shocking oranges. Whenever there is heavy rain or strong wind, the weather forecast will give out various warnings, and orange warning is one of them. Warm orange, bright orange, striking orange, rich orange, mysterious orange and happy Orange enrich the color of our life, making the world no longer monotonous. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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