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[Introduction] in my reading experience, pleasant reading needs tranquility, which can always make people quiet. The whole article of Thoreau’s “Val becomes more and more quiet and climbs to the Lake” was filled with the pigment of Tranquility, which really made my mind. Therefore, I had a peaceful feeling in vain: Thoreau was not the greatest wise man, but the most real wise man. A lake a hundred years later, there is an island reading impression of Walden and Gulag islands these years, I have been thinking about a serious topic that seems to have no answer: whether a great writer is a gift or a natural product of the times. Thoreau and Solzhenitsyn, at least until now I have not been able to classify the two of them in a hundred years. Perhaps, they are both genius and the product of the times. I prefer this combination of answers. The first time I read Walden and Gulag islands was more than ten years ago. At that time, this kind of books were issued internally and could not be bought in book stores, I am borrowed it from a friend who worked as an editor in the publishing house, and he fondled to read it at once. More than ten years later, I vaguely remembered the story outline in the book and Thoreau and Solzhenitsyn, two legendary heavyweight writers. A few days ago, I happened to see these two books in a library. I couldn’t help being overjoyed. I borrowed and read them without hesitation. Besides being kind, it made me feel deeply touched and shocked. Walden Lake is a quiet, tranquil and full of wisdom book, in which the author Thoreau recorded his strange journey of living in seclusion on Walden Lake, blending with nature and rebuilding himself in pastoral life. I love that there is room for leisure in my life. Sometimes, one morning in summer, after bathing as usual, I sat in front of the sunny door, from the Red Sun Rising to the noon when the sun was shining, sitting in this pine forest, in the Forest of pecan tree and lacquer tree, sitting in the loneliness and silence far away from the hubbub, meditation. The so-called tomorrow will never come even if time ends. The light that makes us turn a blind eye to IS darkness for us. When we are sober, the Dawn will break. The sun is just a star. It is difficult to have the opportunity to read such concise and clean words again. Although there are many translators in China, there are different versions. But no matter which version, I still feel Thoreau’s frugality more or less. This is Thoreau’s words, and this is the quietness of Walden Lake. It is undoubtedly the best gift for life for a writer to write so leisurely. Love for Walden Lake, for the cabin, for the forest, for the small animals in the forest, and for the nature, all of them are vividly displayed in his quiet and elegant words, which constitute Thoreau’s melody. It’s simpler, simpler, and simpler! This is Thoreau’s emotion to the world more than 100 years ago. In today’s impetuous society, which is simple but not easy to say, the mileage of our life carries too much complexity: complex interpersonal relationship, complex workplace, complex environment and complex official business, we always see the world too complicated, think too complicated, and do things too complicated. Complicated, we are overwhelmed and exhausted. And when we really calm down and read such idyllic good books as Walden, we will ask ourselves in our hearts, do life really need to be so complicated? Is complex life really that important? Whether people should make themselves simple in abundance and in depth after being complex to a certain extent; Epiphany in simplicity and sublimation in simplicity. When people are trying to surpass the merits of all materials, loneliness often becomes the best sacrifice, while quietness is the best of life. Although we try to comfort all the hermit with small faintness in the wild, middle faintness in the market, and great faintness in the court in the pursuit of spirit, it is the highest state when facing the reality, I’m afraid that the real place of hiding dragons and Crouching Tigers should be far away from the noise. Born in 1817, Thoreau graduated from Harvard University at the age of 20. When all people began to work hard for an ideal career, he began to resist all the choices that seemed to be taken for granted in life and kept a clear mind: I want to be absolutely independent, and I also want everyone to be absolutely independent. Therefore, he didn’t choose to do business or engage in politics, but chose Walden Lake calmly and chose the freedom and leisure of his mind. After failing to live up to the expectations of his family, Thoreau, 27 years old, set up a log cabin in Walden Lake two miles away from his hometown on Independence Day of the United States. He reclaimed wasteland and farmlands, wrote and read books, and it did not matter whether it, live a primitive and simple life. Thoreau spent two years and two months alone beside Walden Lake, worshiping to the sun every morning, then bathing naked in the river, and then recording the results of thinking with words and brain, this is Thoreau’s best choice. In more than two years of loneliness and quietness, Thoreau understood life and death, understood his own needs, and then wrote down his thoughts quietly. So when I read his words again, I couldn’t help shivering in my heart. Although I often think about some abstract things such as life, ideals and values, this time I really felt Thoreau’s honesty without any correction or affectation. Any kind of preaching or disguised kindness was pale in front of Thoreau. In his narration, there is no mystique, and more is almost equal Zen comprehension. God was jealous of talents, Thoreau contributed all his talents to the countryside and landscape of his hometown, so human beings loved this weird alternative which was regarded as weird at the same time. The fact is that both Native Americans and overseas people began to have a strong interest in Walden where he once lived. Walden Lake was certainly not the name deliberately made by Thoreau. He was born on the river bank and died there as well. That river witnessed Thoreau’s brief and glorious life at the age of 45. A writer, a thinker, can only be a fair and intelligent observer of life from the standpoint of peace, poverty and happiness. Thoreau used his life to complete the material guarantee of human thought evolution; Thoreau used his death, getting rid of the stirring of the secular although he could not really get rid of the common people all the time, he could only live in the peach land which was not completely isolated from others, and this was the necessary component of spiritual leap. Just the right distance, the transformation of the Soul began a long process. This is the whispers of sleepiness and the loneliness of the soliloist. Yes, we read Thoreau’s distinctive loneliness from Walden, which is a feeling, a state of mind, a precipitation and a thorough understanding. More importantly, Thoreau’s loneliness is not only a static state, but also an external situation, but also a sort of dialogue and mood filled with his heart. From his maverick, we can easily see the enrichment of his spirit, the abundance of his soul, and his insistence on faith, so as to comprehend a kind of extraordinary state of independent contact with heaven and earth spirit. Just as his declaration from the bottom of his heart in the book: What I am proud of is that a visitor used Yellow walnut leaves as his business card and wrote several Spencer’s poems on it, I regard it as my humble room inscription: when people come here, they enrich the small house without any extra hospitality; Rest is a feast, and everything goes with the flow of nature. The most noble soul is the most comfortable. To walk on the only road that I can walk, and it is the road that no power can stop. This is Thoreau-style declaration of life. If we can understand Thoreau in the whole process of human history, we will find Thoreau’s almost seclusion life, which is not only the luck of Walden Lake, but also the luck of American literature, it is even more lucky for human beings. Thoreau chose Walden Lake, Walden Lake and Rousseau came. With such a chance, in this busy world, there is another philosopher who looks up at the sky and thinks with his head down. Only by this, the quietness of Walden Lake is destined to become the spiritual wealth of human beings. In my reading experience, pleasant reading needs tranquility, which can always make people quiet. The whole article of Thoreau’s “Val becomes more and more quiet and climbs to the Lake” was filled with the pigment of Tranquility, which really made my mind. Therefore, I had a peaceful feeling in vain: Thoreau was not the greatest wise man, but the most real wise man. A hundred years later, another aggressive writer Solzhenitsyn appeared in another corner of the Earth. This time, the main space he lived in was gulag Islands, a place where people were tortured mentally and physically. Solzhenitsyn was born in 1918 and graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Rostov University in 1941. Originally an active communist warrior, he was arrested in 1945 for criticizing Stalin in private letters and sentenced to eight years of labor reform. Just at this time, I was not saying gloomily that Solzhenitsyn, as a thinker and writer, had just begun the meaning of fighting for life. After many political persecutions afterwards, Solzhenitsyn was not depressed, but more and more brave. Different from Thoreau’s initiative to seek seclusion, Russia’s conscience Solzhenitsyn started the creation of Gulag islands in the coldness of the times this time. With the help of a large number of first-hand information, the Gulag islands launched a serious and serious thinking on a political movement and its political system: extremely cruel torture, absurd justice, the thoroughly lost social morality, as well as the inhumanely connected exile, collective exile and super-intensive death and reform-through-labor are all the results of man-made disasters. All kinds of inside stories of Soviet Union prisons and labor camps have become documentary themes in the novel. This autobiographical and close-up full-length novel, with the theme of revealing Russia’s inhuman brutal rule under the Soviet regime since the October Revolution, takes the author as a personal witness of the era, the memories of hundreds of people, reports, letters, and official and Western materials of Soviet Union collectively point to the misery of concentration camps. The scenes described in the book are outrageous one after another: Maybe it is terrible for living people. The detention house covered with lice and bugs had no windows, no ventilation, no planks, only dirty floors. The psychological room of levutowo, such as No. 3, was painted black, and there was also a 20-watt light bulb shining day and night. Of course, what you love is not the dirty ground, not the gloomy wall, not the smell of the toilet, but those who move their legs and feet together with your orders: it is the thing that beats together in your heart; It is the amazing words that they sometimes say; It is the unrestrained thoughts that can only be generated in your heart, not long ago, no matter how you jumped or how you climbed, you couldn’t reach its height. This is Solzhenitsyn-style language, which he saw with his own eyes. Contrary to Thoreau’s language I quoted above, this was once the region of the world. Solzhenitsyn was certainly regarded as a madman. After finishing a series of works, it seemed that he hadn’t recovered from his strong emotional expression, and the owner of the book was forced to be expelled politically again. This time, solzhenitsyn, who was declared to be deprived of Soviet nationality, left his country for 20 years. Before that, because of his moral power in pursuing the indispensable tradition of Russian literature, Solzhenitsyn won the 1970 Nobel Prize in Literature. From the prisoner of Gulag to the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, from exile to the final return to hometown, Solzhenitsyn finally returned to his life value in the twilight years of his life. In 1994, 75-year-old bearded Solzhenitsyn returned to his motherland from exile. This prophet in the post-Soviet era was welcomed like a hero. The writer seems to show no respect for political dignitaries. He knows the sins of Russian politics very well. Solzhenitsyn used his Gulag Islands to set off political disturbance in the world literature in the 20th century. This old man with sharp eyes and compassion, the writer’s sacred mission is best explained. Comforting the reality with illusion can heal the wound, and chasing the illusion with reality must be hurt. In the words of Zhou Libo, an artist of Qingkou School in Shanghai, some people are unhappy when telling the truth, and they are not willing to tell lies, so they just tell some jokes. This is probably the true portrayal of real life. How to speak and what to say are the difficulties in our realistic context. Therefore, when all kinds of thoughts appear together, there is often no one in the audience to speak, and collective aphasia becomes the best avoidance. It is not stage fright, and I am afraid that the difficulty of self-protection is understandable. Obviously, Solzhenitsyn did not protect himself, but stood up bravely. In Stalin’s highly centralized era, he used his conscience and responsibility as Don Quixote-style struggle. Fortunately, in the end, he won the final victory for himself and for the times. In 2009, the Russian government announced that the Gulag Islands, a masterpiece of Solzhenitsyn, would be published in Russia for children. And included in the national middle school curriculum to deepen students’ understanding of Russian history. One is to observe the real world from the perspective of rational philosophy at the same time of escaping from politics, and to keep looking up at the starry sky of human spirit while walking down to earth, one is to suffer from all kinds of torture of inhuman treatment without leaving politics, and be willing to bear the pain of the times while suffering from mental torture. Thoreau and Solzhenitsyn were both quite tired mental labors. A lake, an island, life experience is nothing more than a vivid interpretation in the narrow space. Free and Easy into the hearts of the world, suffering is not human state. Thoreau, who seemed gentle, had strong self-expression behind the gentle words; Solzhenitsyn, who was stubborn and aggressive, never concealed his inner appeal in the stirring words. Literature has never stopped running forward because of their personal painful thinking. On the contrary, the human spirit keeps moving forward under the inspiration of their spirit. Writer Zhou Guoping said, there are two kinds of loneliness, one is that the soul can not find its own source and destination, which is absolute, metaphysical and philosophical loneliness. The second is that the soul is looking for another soul but not available. I feel that I am a drifter without a traveling companion in the world, which is a relative, physical and social loneliness. According to this standard, Thoreau in Walden Lake belongs to the former kind of loneliness, while Solzhenitsyn in Gulag islands is of course the latter kind. Two kinds of loneliness are actually explaining the same philosophical proposition: where should human society (nature including individuals) go. Fortunately, all things that seem unfair can be seen in the long river of human history, and everything will return to the starting point of fairness. Thoreau, who was looking for the peace of human beings, found the peace of the lake. Solzhenitsyn, who was looking for political discourse, saw the dead silence of the island. One hundred years later, two literati who were hard to be forgotten met for the first time. One was wandering in Walden Lake, the other was imprisoned in Gulag islands, in their own powerful spiritual world, call each other. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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