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[Introduction]: I like the thunderstorm in summer. Just now, it was still a hot sun. Suddenly, dark clouds were dense. A flash of lightning cut through the sky, and then the Thunder roared, the sudden rain column, like thousands of bamboo poles dropping from the air, a bubble suddenly formed on the ground, and thunderstorms were raging straightforward. I like the rain, and I also like the feeling in the rain. I like the spring rain, which is gentle and charming. It brings vitality and hope, and it is a green accelerating agent. Lu You’s poem “The early spring rain in Lin’an” describes that there are small buildings listening to the spring rain all night and selling apricot flowers in the deep alley of Ming Dynasty. It is the pattering spring rain that moistens the apricot flowers, and apricot fruits will be sold in the streets and. This poem has a fresh artistic conception and is full of beauty implication. There is a good rainy season in Du Fu’s “Happy Rain on spring night”. When spring comes, it sneaks into the night with the wind, moistens things silently, and describes the spring rain as silent and delicate. The spring rain is as soft as silk, light and thin. Hearing the sound of patter, it is clean and perfect, crystal clear, affectionate and natural, and I can’t feel the trouble of rain in my heart. The moist air is full of vitality everywhere, which makes people feel refreshed. With the Spring Thunder, the spring rain spread, the branches of the small trees became Green, the grass buds became tender, the fish jumped, the children became lively, the spring rain covered the whole earth, and life became more and more lovely. I like the thunderstorm in summer, which was just under the scorching sun. Suddenly, the dark clouds were dense, and a flash of lightning cut through the sky. Then the Thunder roared, and the rain column in an instant fell down like thousands of bamboo poles, A bubble suddenly formed on the ground, and thunderstorms were raging straightforward. The horrible Thunder was a challenge to the aboveboard people, just like the description in Gorky’s Haiyan, the strong wind gathered dark clouds. Between the dark clouds and the sea, Haiyan is like Black Lightning, flying proudly only Haiyan can fight the sky in the storm, brave and free. For those people who have ulterior motives, do harm to others and benefit themselves, and see no sunshine, the Thunder is a kind of fear, a kind of hiding and an escape. Thunderstorm is short, just like a rapid war, we haven’t had time to appreciate the boundless scene of the misty rain. It is already a sunny day in the distance, just like the sunrise in the east and the rain in the West in Liu Yuxi’s bamboo branch, tao is a sunny but sunny scene. I like the soft rain in autumn. The autumn rain is lingering, warm and soft. Thinking of the rustling autumn rain, I always feel a different taste in my heart. I always want to walk in the nature with drizzle and misty rain. Raise your head to look at the endless rain, stare at it, full of onion cage, don’t need to think any more, just close your eyes slowly, gently open your arms, quietly feel the breath of rain, gently hold your breath, quietly listen to the rain. I can hear a kind of artistic conception, a kind of kindness from the continuous rain, the sound of the endless rain, the lingering feelings and gentle emotions, slowly inject into my heart, sweet and happy. I like the snow and rain in winter. In the cold winter lunar December, the snow was fluttering, the snow and rain were mixed, the wind was roaring, and the world was silvery white. When you are in a high position, you will find that everything is covered by snow, everything is pure white, and you will feel that your heart is as clear as a spring, your heart is as bright as a mirror, your heart is as bright as the sky, and your soul seems to be leisurely, snow and rain wash away the vicissitudes of your heart, snow and rain wash away your troubles. Nature gives human beings snow and rain, and the snow and rain offer the most beautiful winter scenery, and also send me the snow lotus in my heart. The Snow Lotus in my heart is more holy, more cold-resistant and more gentle. Rain has different characteristics in different seasons, and it also brings different feelings to people. Sometimes I sit quietly in front of the window alone, and I really want to conceive a poem of rain and mash a heavy one. My mood floats with the drizzle, which makes loneliness get nostalgia and comfort in the deserted sky. Autumn Rain is more desolate. Autumn rain is the starter of memory and emotion. Autumn Rain has a sad cultural background. Song Huang Tingjian’s “Nian nujiao” autumn wind blows white waves, and autumn rain blames and defeats the Lotus. Thirty miles away from Pinghu Lake, it is really sad for passers-by to see the failure in autumn and autumn. Liu Yuxi of Tang Dynasty said: since ancient times, autumn is sad and lonely. I said that although he wrote the silent Liao of autumn, he still wrote autumn in a positive sense. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan fell down and the scenery was different in autumn. The Wild Geese in Hengyang fell unnoticed. That was a description of the desolation of autumn, and there was also a song-and-cry autumn wind written by the martyr Qiu Jin when she, pushing the sorrow of autumn rain to the climax. Rain is romantic, unrestrained, passionate and sad. I like rain, because rain is the envoy to purify everything, moistens the source of life and motivates personality, even the bleak season of rain will keep you silent in thinking, calm in reviewing and looking forward to the future. I love rain, which is the sustenance of my life. Rain, come soon! [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. 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