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[Introduction] follow the students’ mind to help appropriately, a word of care, a word of comfort, a word of reminder advice, a little fresh attempt to improve, a creative change style. The rhythm of educational psychology is a problem worth studying and pondering. If you don’t have sincerity, you will have a good appetite for a real banquet. Many teachers, including I used to think that they treat students sincerely, should have students’ practical actions as feedback, and students’ improvement to show the effectiveness of education. In fact, it is not such a changing structure. The communication of soul is just like the music of music, which has the rhythm of hurry and slow. The two parts should be coordinated. Only when playing together can it be pleasant to hear and acceptable. Otherwise, it is noise and incompatible. There is no effect. No matter how much energy you put into it, it will not be successful, because neither side has received any feedback. He felt uncomfortable, because you didn’t say it in your heart, and you were not happy either. After saying it for a long time, he didn’t feel pleased to fill it. In fact, there is no right or wrong boundary in the world of giving and sensing, but only coordinated reflection. The effect of a word is expected. There is an echo in what you say and resonance in what you hear. To a large extent, it is not the teacher who gives great efforts, but the teacher who coordinates the feelings with the students, gives what the students want and gives them coordinated help, instead of what the teacher wants to give, the starting point is different. The students were boring, and the teacher was still chattering and urging them to work hard. The door of this effort had not been touched yet. Can we not have a closed door for each other? Follow the students’ mind to help appropriately, a word of care, a word of comfort, a word of reminder advice, a little fresh attempt to change, a creative change style. Give silence and light, give wandering guidance, give weak assistance, give stable shaking, give worry and safety, and give motivation to move forward. This is the right medicine for education. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude will not stop on the surface such as homework explanation, but go deep into students’ psychological needs. Only when they grow up can they thrive. Corner the devil is in. Harmony, harmony with students is education. Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, she has less demonstration action today,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 13, 2018) January 13, 2018: Yesterday, my sister and nephew Little David didn’t come to the Dongwan village of jinjiaba where my mother and I stayed temporarily,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 12, 2018) January 12, 2018: The day before yesterday, I said, “my mother will go to Kunshan tomorrow.” However, yesterday, my mother did not go to Kunshan…