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Recently, I read an article “Rainy Night epiphyllum” to students. The reason why the author wrote this prose was that he saw the four words “rain flowing and fragrance” on the street. The rain flows in the sky, and the amorous feelings are numerous but noble and elegant, which makes people leave lingering fragrance andRead More



The alternate seasons of autumn and winter the familiar garden the familiar stone bench the unforgettable tears in my life the bitter cold of autumn and winter the cold of my heart seems like iron can’t seal the call of heaven from the wind Go, baby, I will give you the wedding clothes of heaven,Read More



At present, a kind of fashion is emerging, which is to open roof gardens. The owners of each garden randomly set up a mode according to their own wishes. Some pursue a kind of elegant nature, while some pursue small and exquisite, some pursue boldness and boldness, some pursue uniqueness and so on. Now theRead More


Old House

The old house was built in the 19th century. It lingered on till the end, with cracks and marks. No one understood her whine. In the morning, I pushed away the heavy Zhu men, and the old house made a creaking sound, as if telling the past, present and future. Leaning over and touching theRead More