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Longshan small note

Life passed so fast that it was Meng Chun’s time in a flash. After the Spring Festival, I always spend it in tedious and dreary time. I want to find a weekend to go to the outdoor activities, either because the weather is not beautiful, or because of some things, I have been unable to fulfill my wish. In February with Peach Red Willow and Green Willow, we finally appointed several literary friends to step on the top of Longshan mountain which was separated from a lake in the city. For me, it has been the land where I kissed Longshan many times. In fact, except for the legend that a dragon drives nine tortoises, Longshan has not preserved any places of interest and historical interest. Why is it so popular among city dwellers now? I think the reason is not only the natural beauty of dense trees, flowers and plants, but also the economical and convenient environment-friendly food that makes your spleen and stomach open. Of course, there is another reason, that is, Longshan is close to the urban area. It doesn’t need too long a boat to work. It only needs to take a boat for more than ten minutes and the traveling expenses of four yuan to and from the city, this is the simplest economy for ordinary people, especially students. Therefore, it is expected that Longshan will become an increasingly popular hot spot for outing. Maybe it was because of the light of Goddess of Mercy Christmas. When I got up in the morning, it suddenly lit up in the gloomy weather which was going to rain. We agreed to take a boat at Nanhu Wharf in 10 minutes, but when we came to the wharf as promised, the wharf was already crowded with each other. We didn’t board the boat until we saw off several groups of tourists, squeezed into the narrow cockpit. When I got off the boat and stepped onto the land of Longshan Mountain, I felt the breath of spring blowing on my face. The roads are crowded, and the houses are just like the water in tianchou pond. We hear each other. Looking around, the rape flowers on the fields were golden, bees were flying among the flowers, birds were singing in the forest, peach blossoms and plum blossoms were competing with each other, and the flowers were shining, especially the pear flowers on the hillside were blazing like fire, if the long Starlight overflows the hillside, it is really a wonderful spring. On the path of qianmo mountain, people were like weaving. Maybe it was the first weekend with good weather after spring, or the birth day of Avalokitesvara, crowds of young boys and girls came here for a picnic with rice and vegetables, tasting the food they cooked with their own hands, although it was not a delicious food, seeing their smiles written on their faces one by one could be regarded as happy; Moreover, there were groups of devout men and women, carrying incense candles and tribute fruits to worship in Longshan Mountain, praying for family happiness and healthy growth of children; Of course, there are not a few people like us who are purely going for an outing and relaxing, we are satisfied only by seeking happiness and happiness. When arriving at Longshan, besides reading its beauty and comeness, another theme is to have a meal of original farm local vegetables here. In recent years, with the booming outing, farmers living in Longshan also have a good way to get rich. They have changed the hearths slightly or started a new stove to entertain guests from all over the world in the form of farmhouse entertainment. I have eaten many times in the farmhouse which is spread all over Longshan. The delicious small farmhouse meal with caraway is insignificant compared with star hotels, but as long as I have a meal here, you will feel that the dining here is very special and smelly, and the aftertaste is still lingering after tasting. I always want to come again next time. I often go to the object hotel for dinner. I feel my stomach is empty even if I have a meal of several thousand yuan. However, you only need to spend dozens of yuan here, and a table of people can have a full meal. We sat down in a farmer’s house, and a group of students surrounded the barbecue lawn in the backyard. They all bring their own things, cook their own meals, and only rent the owner’s place. As soon as we sat down, the host made tea. We were familiar with the host. Every time we came to Longshan, a native chicken was the indispensable main course. The host took me and Gangqiang out of the chicken circle and let us choose. Gangqiang caught a black hen and joked, “this chicken is young, lively and fashionable, but it is good, make everyone laugh. After a while, a table of delicious food, though not rich, was placed on the table. Nine bowls of chicken soup, village bacon, smoked sausage, dried preserved meat, small asparagus, fried tofu and so on, a large table full of them, and the sweet potato rice, are not as delicious as delicious food. The fragrance that I haven’t smelled for a long time irritates my taste nerve and makes my appetite open. I ate three bowls of rice in a row, but I thought my belly was too small. Gangqiang’s meal was more delicate than mine. I was still devouring it, but Gangqiang went in and bought the order, and made a cup of tea for everyone. I asked how much it was. He said it was really good, only 95 yuan. My God, 8 people had a full meal, each of which was less than 12 yuan. I thought: where could such a cheap lunch be available. God’s weather cooperated. After lunch, when we climbed to the hillside, the sun came out and dyed the hillside with blooming buds into silver. Lingjun was walking while holding a camera. He was calm in front of the trees with blooming flowers and took close-up photos. The frame of the expression really had the feeling of not losing the spring scenery. We look at the Flowery Mountain, and also approach the front of the flowers, let the spirit take a moment of spring for us. When approaching halfway up the mountain, looking up, I found that the stream of people like ants on the top of the mountain was cheering in the Xi opera, which had a great potential to make the Dragon Mountain boil in spring. I hadn’t climbed the mountain for a long time. I crawled and sweated on my back. So I sat down and had a rest. 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