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[Introduction]: My baby has a fever since the night before yesterday. As for me, I have always advocated not to drip, because I am used to it, but now it almost results in my baby’s rhinitis, this is also a worry. 2008-7-29 (June 27, 8th year of the second lunar calendar) Tian Mingrui, born inRead More



Wang Anshi wrote such verses, one of which was the Moon Crying in the sky, and the other was the yellow dog lying in the flower core. When Su Dongpo saw it, he was very puzzled. He thought Wang Anshi was in Hu Lai, so he changed it boldly and certainly. He changed one sentenceRead More



[Introduction] because of the rain, there are not many people playing in the youth forest. Therefore, we quickly found a place to play table tennis. However, after the baptism of rain, the ground and table tennis table are very humid, which has certain influence on the play. The day when my son was born wasRead More