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My uncle finally arrived at the hospital as scheduled. Some people took care of the sick father, which more or less relieved us temporarily. But last night, I received a call from my uncle, saying that his father seemed to be a little mentally disordered. He unexpectedly ran to the gas station and said thatRead More



Recently, an uninvited guest came to the neighborhood committee, and a lovely little hedgehog was sent to the neighborhood committee by the residents. Originally, residents found a little hedgehog on the grass of the community, fearing that someone would hurt the little hedgehog, so they sent it to the neighborhood committee of the community. ThisRead More


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[Introduction] Halfway through the car, my hand touched the lower pocket subconsciously, but found that the USB flash disk was left in the Internet cafe just surfing the Internet. I felt a little anxious at once, inside but many good not yi ma article, that’s hard work Ah ~ if lost that would be aRead More