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Early dream

[First dream, first thought] Somehow, she came into my dream that night. I was just happy and complaining. I thought she wouldn’t enter my dream, but I didn’t think about it, so I came. I didn’t dream of her until such a long time passed. What on earth did God want to show! I don’t understand, but I never know the reason. I don’t know what kind of relationship between me and her, just classmates? But I don’t agree with it in my heart. I don’t want to delve into it. I am afraid that I will get hurt again and suffer a huge injury alone again. If I want to simply follow the nature, if the fate comes, I will love it; If the fate does not arrive, I will only sigh that I am alone and affectionate, forget it, but I can’t imagine that the reality is the beginning of future visits. I was wondering if I was too high-profile. To sit in the same room was to burn high Incense. I was blessed in my last life, but now I have such a bad heart. How dare I rest! Excellent, smart, quiet, Just like the Yi people in the dream, how could she face up to me who was so unworthy and backward? I knew at ease that I couldn’t ask her heart, but I never wanted to give up like this! But if she wanted to build a new self, she sighed that she had no proud Capital. How could she admire her? Even if I had Capital, she would ignore her and think of her beautiful, there must be a man in my heart, which is irreplaceable, and she is not a person who hates the old and likes the new, so I have to hide this secret in my heart, thinking, if there is an appropriate opportunity to show her faintly, see her expression and then talk about it, but fear to disturb her study and work and rest time, it has not been said to her until now, now it has reached the date of separation, I think I will never see it in my life! I sighed for meeting each other late, then I sighed for my cowardice. After all, all my mistakes belonged to me. Thinking about what I should do, I really wanted to follow the nature, thinking that I would never see her again, I became more and more sad, it is really hard to load any more, and now it is suppressed again and again, When I can no longer control it, what will I do? I am a person who misses the old. I review all kinds of experiences that I think are worth recalling from time to time, and I think that things are right and wrong again and again, from time to time, she couldn’t help crying alone …… thinking about the past, all her things had entered my heart, only sighing that my heart had her, and her heart had no me. She always loved books crazily in ordinary days, I know that she wants to find a good place to make her family feel at ease, so that she can be worthy of her heart. The spirit of selflessness is admired by all. However, there are many wonderful things on the road. I wonder if she will remember them deeply, maybe she would think that this road was just a small station, not worth hiding, or maybe the space in her heart had already been occupied by another section, no more seats can be left empty …… at this time, I dare not make more guesses, no matter how many, I have no intention. It is already a matter of things and people, and it will never be retrieved. If I had known this, why should I be silent for the first time! I think, if I don’t break out in silence and perish in silence, what I said is that in silence, I don’t know whether I will be the former or the latter. In fact, I know everything, she has been lying to herself all the time —– she also has feelings to lie to herself, but in reality, where does she feel! Miss her heart has been quietly brought out in all kinds of behaviors and actions! I have her in my heart, and she has no me in her heart. I miss her sadly again and again, and the feeling of eating people has become the last thing to live in. Finally, I have to bear it alone. What kind of love is in the world, it only makes people bitter and bitter [think about it] Since that time I saw it, I have buried a foreshadowing in my heart. I have found what I want. I think, I want to seize the target and march forward bravely, but the speed was so fast that I couldn’t reach it. I was disappointed. I fought for it. But the sun was setting so fast that I didn’t respond for a moment. I missed it so much. I was not reconciled, but what could I do, his arms, I think it should be very warm, you are in his arms, why let me hear this sentence, I thought it was their misinformation, but finally found, It turns out that all these are true, and I don’t know how the winter cold plum supports spring, and why it thanks easily in spring. I think it has its own goal, it is just because of external factors. Its strong perseverance is beyond criticism, and it cannot be accompanied by cold winter in the end. Looking alone in the sunset, I want to see the rising of the new day, but I can’t see how to wait. Give it up! Others persuaded me, but I can’t, I can’t give up my beautiful only, even if I am not your only, I will watch you finish this journey and see your figure go away, I won’t let you get hurt at this moment. Even if you hurt me ruthlessly, you will never go back, confirming that sentence, I am not sad, I just don’t know why tears flow. I lived a dirty life and failed. I set foot on a different place with my ideal. I want to see it in a different place, and my heart will not hurt! But I was wrong again! I really can’t get rid of your existence in my heart, I have been deeply rooted and miss you has become my compulsory course every day. Fortunately, you often appear in dreams, but you in dreams are just like reality. If you can’t get together, are you doomed to be like this, my only comfort to see you in my dream has also become my escape. Maybe I shouldn’t see you at all, and I shouldn’t make a false assertion that what I want is you, but the fact has happened, what can I do? I can’t do anything, only when luck comes [I want] I don’t know why I am, but I am not good at language. So far, I have never told her how regretful I am, I didn’t say but now it’s too late. I think it should be warm in others’ arms. I am trying to forget her, but I just can’t get what I want. She appears in my mind from time to time. I think I am can’t get rid of her existence in my heart. But every time I miss her, it is a scene of her talking and laughing with others, which leads to my injury getting deeper and deeper, while she is happy with her happiness, I never thought that in a quiet corner, there was a person who nobody paid attention to her all the time. I wondered if I had been making love by myself, I want to tell her clearly but I don’t have the courage. I really don’t know what I should do. I can’t do anything. I’m really afraid of affecting her happy life now. I think I should bless in my heart. But who will tolerate the person you like in others’ arms. In fact, I don’t want to expect her love to come to me (to be honest, I am can’t help it), but to truly love someone is to hope her happiness to be continued. Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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