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Residual blood

A fallen leaf drifted into the vast ocean without shadow. Looking far away, mountains are still the same, water is still the same, secular is still the same. The defense line of the soul can no longer be chased. Recalling the numerous locks, I can’t help asking about heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, rapids. Destiny,Read More



When there are friends, I look forward to a person again. I always feel that a person is quiet, free and unrestrained. And when you are a real person, you have another idea in your heart. For example, at this time, I. In this late autumn night, there was no friend around me, alone, standingRead More


New Year

What a sunny and fine weather, the bright sunshine poured through the glass on the head of the bed, touching my face, gently and softly, like mother’s caress and lying quietly in the cradle warm and serene. I stretched my lazy waist and greedily enjoyed the first ray of sunshine in the new year. IRead More


Product night

Who can understand the beauty of night? The heavy dark wrapped the light and heat, arrogant loneliness, tears streamed across, the next moment, it was already missed, stick to the same, only to miss the temporary pain, who said heartless people don’t hurt, blind sustenance is only for impossible possibilities. If you want to understandRead More