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This year

Not long ago, I got acquainted with prose online by chance. Every article in the website deeply attracted me and made me feel the infinite power of words. I know very well that a Eighteen-year-old boy may be just a brat and ignorant of the world for all the predecessors in the station. But like everyone else, I have a passion for words and express my true feelings. I was born in a remote countryside with extremely inconvenient transportation. After six years of primary school in the village, I was transferred to a town far away from home to study in junior high school and went home once a week, there are few cars on Friday, the first day and the second day of junior high school. Sometimes my companions and I are crowded in a farm Car. The car has to bump on the road for more than two hours. After getting off the bus, the bones of the whole body seemed to be scattered, but we still had to walk more than 30 miles of rugged mountain road, climb over a big mountain and walk through winding paths. After school at noon, I can’t get home until five or six o’clock in the afternoon. I have to go to school on Sunday. In order to catch the bus, I have to get up at three or four o’clock in the morning on Sunday. Because my father works outside all the year round, in, my mother always accompanied me until dawn when I stepped on a muddy road. This is the case every week. By the third day of junior high school, I went home on Friday and hurried to school early in the morning on Saturday. It was my mother who gave me a flashlight at night. On the dark and rugged mountain road, she always told me to study hard and not to make conflicts with my classmates. I kept her words in my heart obediently. Now when I think of that time, my eyes always feel sour and bloated. After graduating from junior high school, I successfully entered the famous No. 1 Middle School of the county, but due to family reasons, we moved to a town in the neighboring county to live, I also studied in the unnamed No. 3 Middle School in that county. Finally, it was a little closer to home, and the transportation was much more convenient. My mother’s words had not changed since I went home on holiday every month. Soon I arrived in senior three. Once on my way to school, I suddenly felt a pain in the lower left of my abdomen, and the pain became more and more severe. After all, I was lying in the hospital. I called my mother about myself in the sickbed. I didn’t know how long it took. My mother came to the hospital, and I vaguely saw the tears in her eyes. My mother waited for me day and night at the bedside. After a long time of diagnosis, the doctor said that I am congenital kidney hydrops and no surgery was needed for the time being, but she had to check regularly to see if the condition had deteriorated. As for me, I was really sad for a period of time at first. Besides worrying about my own health, I also worried about the financial endurance of my family. At that time, I always wore depression on my face, and later I knew that I should be more optimistic, Maybe I will get better if I get sick. Now I record my past in this unknown university and in the spacious and bright dormitory. Although there are no flowery sentences to describe, the real experience is clearly written in the clumsy words. I treat life with an optimistic attitude every day. In my studies, I firmly believe that everything is possible as long as I work hard. I also have ideals. I have been working hard and can’t let my parents work as hard as now. Mom and Dad, thank you. 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