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People who slander me are better able to endure than they can argue; People who teach me are better able to resist. Some people often worry about it, because others say something heartless, but he accepts it intentionally. A person’s happiness, not because he has much, but because he caring less. Angry is for mistakes of others punish myself. With confidence, perseverance and courage, there is nothing that can’t be done in the world. Wisdom comes from experience, wisdom is from human and things between the temper out, if the escape, leaving people and things, we have no way of wisdom. A person’s success or failure has a lot to do with his mind. All thoughts are for the sake of all the public and must be successful. Read only think of themselves, famous making a profit, everything beggar-thy-neighbor, are doomed to failure. Forgive others, is to treat yourself; Respectful others, is solemn yourself. Don’t spend time criticizing others, spend more time improving yourself. You must be cautious in good times and endure in adversity. Three meals chang si farmer bitter, daily forget beings Grace. Not money happy, a clear conscience heart most Ann. Speech kind and cynics, is happiness of people; Speech and tart sharp, is thin blessing of the person. Winter three-sentence statement, wounding invective liu yue cold. Don’t say that others are short and long, but suffer from everything; If you can keep your mouth shut and hide your tongue deeply, it is the first way to slim yourself. Cultivate your own temperament, don’t fight for face; What you fight for is fake, and what you raise is real. You should forgive others and be angry. The greatest gain in life is to correct mistakes. Pay attention to your behavior and influence your habits; Pay attention to your habits and influence your character; Pay attention to your character and influence your destiny. There are two things in the world that cannot wait: one is filial piety, the other is doing good deeds. Doing good things is not for fame, nor for merit; Doing good things with the heart of doing what you do is the real good thing and the sincere and selfless good thing. As much as you do, you will get as much skill. Be kind, say good things, do good things, and be a good person. If you don’t pay for any price or return, you will get a more real, better and more beautiful state. More words are better than less words. Less words are better than words. People who make excuses for themselves will never make progress. Speech too sure of people, often regret than positive ones. Learn patience. Endure a moment of anger, so as not to worry about a hundred days. As much as you can endure kung fu, you will achieve your future career. If you are stingy, you will not be generous; If you suffer a small loss, you will not suffer a big loss. Losing means taking advantage, and taking advantage means losing. This is the reason why Lao Zhuang takes one step and three steps. Thank others. Appreciate the person who hurts you, because he has tempered your mind; Appreciate the person who deceived you, because he has increased your knowledge; Appreciate the person who whipped you, because he cleared up your karma; He appreciated the one who abandoned you, because he taught you to stand on your own; He appreciated the one who killed you, because he strengthened your ability; be grateful to those who rebuke you, because he has boosted your wisdom; Be grateful to all those who have made you firm in your achievements. Be a good man. Those who can suffer losses are blessed people, and those who can give alms are rich people; Rich people don’t take advantage, while those who take advantage are poor people; Kind people don’t complain about others, while those who complain about others are evil people; smart people don’t get angry, while those who love to get angry are fools; Rich people don’t lose temper, while those who love to lose temper are Bitch; Those who can tolerate are happy people, people who can love others are happy people; People who love scolding are blessed people, people who love hitting are short-lived people, and people who can cultivate themselves and establish morality are long-lived people. Do not regret. Time will not hesitate to regret, black hair will not learn to regret, wine gambling will cause disaster, regret if you don’t get sick, official bribery will cause regret, rich will not use poverty to regret, the unfilial parents regretted when they were old, and they didn’t regret when they died. I don’t angry. Life is just like a play, it is not easy to help each other until they are old; If we get together because of Destiny, should we cherish it more; If we lose temper for small things, why should we think about it later; If others are angry, I will not be angry, no one can help me when I get angry and get sick; If I am mad at anyone, besides, it is painful and laborious; Neighbors, relatives and friends should not be compared with each other, and children and grandchildren should go for trivial matters; If we bear hardships and enjoy ourselves together,. Little things do, big hard. If you don’t think twice, you will regret it. People can endure everything without worry. The two characters of family inheritance are ploughing and reading, and the two characters of family prevention are stealing and betraying; The two characters of family devotion are prostitution and gambling, and the two characters of family guarding are diligence and frugality. How to deal with someone slandering me, deceiving me, humiliating me, laughing at me, neglecting me, despising me and lying to me? As long as you endure him, let him, avoid him, let him, resist him, ignore him, and you will see him in a few years. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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