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Fly xue fei xue

It snowed today, and the original travel plan was forced to give up. Looking at the flying snow all over the sky, I remembered several allusions, first of which was Cheng Menli’s snow. We live in this impetuous era, especially the tens of years of catastrophe experienced by our ancestors and parents. People often disobeyRead More


Always want

I always think that purity and kindness will accompany my whole life when I come to this world naked. I always think that happy memories of childhood will warm all dreams. I always want to stare at a bud in bud and hear the sound of blooming flowers, which makes me feel magical and tired.Read More


Not regret

The encounter of the unreal network leads to an uncontrollable decline. The smell of the previous life was trance and misty. If you don’t look back frequently, how can you confess your deep attachment? Who will evoke faded memories? Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last,Read More



May 24th, 2011, for others, it may be an ordinary day, but for our family, it is a disastrous day. I will never forget this day. When I was in the process of continuing accounting education and training, I suddenly received a call from my mother: your father’s back hurts badly. Take him to seeRead More