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I really want to make every foothold in my life full and happy. I really want to have a stable, happy, happy and harmonious home. I really want to work well, my husband loves me, family happiness I really want to be an angel or a princess I really want to be a holiday timeRead More



[Introduction] the morning breeze overflows, the grass and trees are green, the flowers and branches are blooming, and the sun is shining. Look, what wonderful morning beauty the nature has given to human beings! When everything wakes up from a deep sleep, rolls up the wrists of relatives, strolls among the grass covered with dewdrops,Read More


Senior High School memoirs 5 (the gap of heatstroke)

During the summer vacation when our military training ended in the first year of senior high school, the second year of senior high school had to face the division of Liberal Arts and Science. Therefore, military training might be the last gathering between me and senior high school students. It’s not worth thinking about it.Read More