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A few days ago, I suddenly found that the tooth hole I had filled before was opened again somehow. On the right side, there was a hole in the upper and lower teeth. Once I drank water or brushed my teeth or gargle, the water would seep into the hole, which was unbearable. However, due to my lover’s business trip and my daughter’s vacation at home because the school classroom was used for the college entrance examination, I couldn’t spare time to fill my teeth for several days. Finally, I had to go to the hospital empty this morning. As usual, I queued up for registration and waiting. Finally it was my turn. I told the doctor my situation and purpose. The doctor said, I will give you a comprehensive examination. It doesn’t matter if you don’t check it. Once you check it, you can find a small hole in the upper and lower teeth on the left. I said I didn’t feel any pain, so the doctor showed me the two small holes with a mirror. I didn’t see where the small holes were. I was dubious and thought that since the doctor said it was a small hole, then he will make up by the way, it should not be too expensive (it would be better if you buy one and get one free), so I asked the doctor if he could make up all of them (because some doctors insisted on making up only one tooth at a time), and the doctor readily agreed: No problem! I will charge you the extra part to the examination fee (I am save public doctors, and the treatment fee is limited). After the doctor mended the hole on the right, he mended the hole on the left. When drilling and blowing, I really felt that there were two holes the size of the needle tip. I began to admire the doctor’s good eyesight, and also appreciate the doctor’s dedication. I even took the initiative to help me find and solve problems. It took a long time to make up all of them. I think I can rest assured to drink water now. But once you drink water, you will find that the teeth on the right side still have the feeling of water seeping inside, which is still faintly painful. I asked the doctor if the hole had not been fixed, and I wanted to make it up again. The doctor said that the hole had been repaired, and there was no problem. Maybe it was because there was something wrong with my periodontal that water seeped in from the periodontal. He asked me to take a film to see if it was periodontitis. Therefore, Bill, bargain and pay. A closer look list, top write each hole 50 yuan, 4-50=200 yuan! Boy, light this 4-a hole suddenly is 200 yuan! In addition, there are various materials, inspection fees, filming fees and so on, which are almost 300 yuan! Fortunately, I am paid only 20% yuan at public expense, only 50 yuan. After taking the film, I showed it to the doctor. The doctor said it was indeed periodontitis. If the pain was really severe in the future, I would go to him to give me poison nerve. If the poisonous nerve doesn’t work, pull it out. I asked if it was necessary to pull it out now (I was really worried that I had to pull it out after tossing)? But the doctor sent me out without using it. Sitting on the chair outside, I was so depressed that I couldn’t figure it out for a long time. After spending so much money, did I still suffer from toothache after spending a long time?! I don’t know whether to go or stay here and ask the doctor to understand. Having no choice but to drink a lot of water, I slowly felt that my teeth were not as painful as they were just now, so I thought again that I was still angry after spending so much money and spending half a day, too not worth! This is not my style, and it is against my principle of happiness. No, I have to think about it again, so I found two reasons why I was angry just now: first, the two holes on the right are 50 yuan, even if one is a little expensive, but the two holes on the left are so small, it didn’t cost much time, and didn’t use much materials. It even cost 50 yuan a piece, which was so outrageous! Secondly, the two small holes on the left were not painful, just because they wanted to make up by the way, which was a little cheap, but the result was not less, I felt a little regretful; the doctor took the initiative to find out these two teeth holes for me was nothing more than to earn more treatment fees, and I just thanked him, feeling a little fooled and even more annoyed. However, now, we might as well think in reverse: first, the two holes on the left are both 50 yuan each, while the two holes on the right are much bigger than each other, the doctor did not raise the price because of this, and only 50 yuan for one, which is much more cost-effective than that on the left! Thinking like this, my heart is much smoother. Besides, this is the regulation of the hospital, and doctors have no right to change it arbitrarily. Just like taking a bus, it costs 2 yuan as soon as you get on the bus. How can you take the one-stop road or the 20-stop road? If you think it is too wrong to spend 2 yuan on a road trip, and if you have time and boredom, you can earn money from the starting station to the terminal station, the driver will never ask you for 10 cents more! In short, after a long time and being slaughtered more often, I gradually got used to it and won’t feel unbalanced in my heart any more. Secondly, although the two small holes on the left are small holes now, if they are not filled, they will certainly grow into big holes in the future, and they will certainly be filled. Of course, this money cannot be saved. Since they have to make up sooner or later, it is better to make up for future troubles now than to wait until the pain is unbearable later. Thinking like this, I not only didn’t feel annoyed, but also felt that it was really right to come to fill my teeth today. I not only solved the current problem, but also solved the future problem ahead of time! Thinking like this, I couldn’t help drinking a lot of water. Strange! My heart is gone, and my teeth seem to feel no pain! So he stood up, picked up his bag and went back home! 2009 nian 6 yue 10 ri [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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