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[Introduction] the most unforgettable thing is that when visiting the counter, I found a very interesting scene: in the middle of the open space between the two counters, the ground is less than one meter wide, there is a small pull truck that we usually see…… Today, I went to a place called Shajing. I went there by bus. I used to go to other places and often passed by. I seldom stayed there for a while. Today I made a special trip because I was entrusted by friends thousands of miles away, go and buy him some electronic devices. Shenzhen is an electronic home with all kinds of electronic products, and the electronic market is one of the best in China. Huaqiang North Road, which used to go to the city frequently, is called Huaqiang North. It is the distribution center of electronic devices that can be counted in the world. The scale and lineup are very strong, and the passenger flow is even like a tide. Unfortunately, due to limited time today, I couldn’t go there because this place in Shajing was close to our company. It took more than 40 minutes by bus, because it was the first time I went there specially, in fact, I began to be very unfamiliar with the market situation in that place. I only heard from my colleagues that the electronic market there was also very large, so I felt a little attracted. Shajing was originally a town, but compared with our Northwest place, it can’t be compared. A town here is more prosperous and developed than an ordinary County. Along the way, the broad cement Avenue was as flat as a mansion, and the tall buildings on both sides were stacked layer by layer, with ups and downs. From time to time, the overpasses across both sides like rainbows flashed on the highway. Passing by a place called Songgang (also a town), people came and went on the street continuously. At the gate of a large shopping mall, huge signboards and colorful advertising decorations show the extraordinary momentum of this treasure land, while in the surrounding towns, there are many famous supermarkets, among them, there are many names, such as Tianhong commercial building, Jiahua supermarket, Sanhe supermarket, Gome, Suning and so on. People are familiar with their names. It is not difficult to see that the economy of this place has increased and improved only by these famous commercial buildings and supermarkets. Exaggeratedly speaking, if the economy of every town in our hometown can reach half or less here, it is not difficult to imagine how unprecedented our society will be. However, there are not many places that can catch up with such cities in the mainland. Perhaps, this is the special feature of the special zone! Let’s get back to the point. In other words, I took a bus all the way and passed Songgang town. Soon, I arrived at Shajing. It turned out that the two places were connected by neighbors. It’s hard to find an electronic city. There may be an electronic market here, but I haven’t seen it today. This electronic city is divided into two layers, the first floor is for selling electronic zero devices, and the second floor is for selling computer counters for assembling and maintaining computers. There are two rolling step elevators on the path to the second floor. Upon entering the door, there was a burst of cool air, with air conditioner inside, cool and pleasant. Is a ripe market, inside people coming and going, passenger flow constantly. It seems that the operation here is not bad. However, compared with the electronic market of Huaqiang North in the city, it still seems to be depressed and shabby. The device specifications of each counter here are relatively small, and the business categories are relatively monotonous, which turns around, it is found that the devices I operate are some commonly used local electronic devices, while some popular devices like televisions are rare. Unfortunately, I haven’t bought the products I need today, I wandered around for a while. The most unforgettable thing is that when visiting the counter, I found a very interesting scene: in the middle of the open space between the two counters, the ground is less than one meter wide, there is a small truck we usually see for pulling goods. We don’t know what the full name of the truck is. We often see it in factories, which is a flat plate with four small wheels under it, it is very convenient to pull goods back and forth, but in this small cart between the two containers, what is put is not some goods, but a four or five-year-old boy lying on his face, sleeping soundly on it, quietly and peacefully, it makes people feel both funny and cute. The little baby completely ignored the bustling noise around. He quietly fell asleep, playing and playing in his own world! Really cute! At about four o’clock in the afternoon, he said goodbye to the electronic market and boarded the returning bus. I will return to my residence before 5 o’clock. Machine sound still! 2010~8~30 [Responsible editor Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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