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[Introduction]: time passes day by day. The days are compact and full. I do what I should do seriously during the day and work in the hotel at night. Sometimes I make some mistakes, for example, if the dishes were served wrongly, I was scolded by the landlady unexpectedly. It was normal to feel sad,Read More



[Introduction] of course, the expression of words should have a relaxed and humorous style. Everyone uses the expression that they like and the actual choice. They should not speak seriously with their faces in a upright posture. When I wrote down this title, I couldn’t help laughing. What does it mean? I remember when IRead More


Thank you

Thank you for loving my life, plain, too light, so a different grain of sand can arouse endless ripples. He met her, and a kind of persistence touched him. You know, he has always been an arrogant and stubborn person. There are many women and temptations in this world. However, he has always been confidentRead More