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[Introduction] it is a sentence in Lao Zi’s moral classics that all things are absent-minded but not silent. It is a sentence that San Mao likes, and it is also what I like at this time. I don’t talk about Destiny any more, but still believe in cause and effect. For example, I am sick now because I have not treated my body well and owed debts to my body, finally, my body is going to ask me to repay this debt….. I was sick, very sick, and in a daze, I dreamed that I was standing at the end of a long line. All the men and women, old and young, looked back at me with empty eyes and expressionless faces, I couldn’t see any sorrow and joy. The team slowly marched towards a strange Gate. Suddenly I understood that this was the legendary Gate of Hell. A kind of relief and relief made me really want to walk to that gate quickly, it’s a pity that the team is too long, the team is really slow, my endurance is really not enough, and the deep attachment to the world still exists, therefore, he couldn’t enter the door and started a battle in his heart. Finally, the desire of life defeated the Liberation of death. He turned around and found that someone came slowly to the long dragons from a distance, it was still the face without sorrow or joy, and still the empty eyes. I hated this expression and felt like a cold-blooded animal, so I left without thinking and decided to leave like that, I didn’t even look back. When I was tired of walking, suddenly my friends and family all looked at me with a smile in a direction not far away, the smile clearly encouraged me to walk back and slowly walked. A little fool came from my ear. It was a raging scold, but there was a faint smile all over my face, which was very warm, finally I came back. When I woke up, I kept thinking about that long dream in my heart. The pain of my body still haunted me. Looking at the liquid medicine still dripping, I suddenly felt that it was really good to live. The sunshine outside the window reflected on my body through the glass, it is warmer than the hot sun in summer and brighter than the sunshine in spring. The fever finally faded and I came back. San Mao said in her “send you a horse” that desert Arabians must drink three teas: The first is bitter like life, the second is sweet like love, and the third is light like breeze. I wonder which tea I should drink? If a bitter life? This is really the situation at this time, hehe; Sweet like love? At this time, there is really no such emotion; Light as breeze? After that long dream, I dare not say that I have seen through all kinds of things in the world of mortals. I just understand that nothing can be deliberately forced. At this time, I just hope to be myself, that once happy, heartless self, that’s all. Life is like a drama. I prefer to play in the drama I like. There is no need for ups and downs. As long as it is wonderful, as long as I can do what I like, as long as I can live up to myself. In fact, at this time, I also had a horse of my own in my heart, a horse with a red shiny mane, which was tough, passionate, unrestrained and free, gallop happily on your own grassland. Everything is absent-minded, which is a sentence in Lao Zi’s moral classics, a sentence that San Mao likes, and it is also what I like at this time. I don’t talk about Destiny any more, but still believe in cause and effect. For example, I am sick now because I have not treated my body well and owed debts to my body, finally, my body was going to ask me for the debt, and I had to pay it back, but I almost got into the gate of hell. Fortunately, my will was still firm and I didn’t follow the team. Hehe. I had been in depression and decadence for a long time before this. I didn’t know where to go. I always felt that life was endless and hopeless, not to mention the fighting spirit of life. Facing the words you like and looking at the beautiful sentences of others, you are actually very timid and dare not write. You feel that you can’t write that kind of words anyhow, so I always choose to escape, escape from life, escape from responsibility, escape from everything I have. People gradually become numb. How can there be happiness again? Now I really want to thank this sudden disease, which made me reborn, and San Mao’s words saved my heart. From then on, I will face all of life with a smile, be the truest self. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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