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This year

Not long ago, I got acquainted with prose online by chance. Every article in the website deeply attracted me and made me feel the infinite power of words. I know very well that a Eighteen-year-old boy may be just a brat and ignorant of the world for all the predecessors in the station. But likeRead More



Interest is the most fundamental and direct driving force in the process of modern society. Removing the beautiful veil of modern society, people will find that on the back of the beautiful veil, the word “interest” appears impressively. Benefits make some people blind and others clear. Interests are nothing else at all, but what eachRead More


Play soil

[Introduction] Nowadays, there will never be any children engaging in this dangerous game, and no parents will allow their children to participate in this kind of activity. Even martial arts, boxing, kicking ball and other activities are seldom cultivated. Unless you don’t know how to read, you don’t agree even if you have a goodRead More