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[Introduction] as if looking forward to the coming of a holy wedding banquet, my daughter and I washed the Bomei who was about to get married clean, fragrant and pleasant that night. We believe that after making efforts to plan and arrange the ideas, the following things must be logical and follow people’s wishes. Bomei is a dog raised by our family. Its breed is a valuable Desert Dog. In the last week of last summer vacation, I spent 1000 yuan to buy it from the dog market, which was only a few months old. A circle of white eyelashes, like the leaves of palm trees, closely attached to the black round eyes. When I first saw it, the pair of long eyelashes blinked up and down, and the whole body was white like a white fox reincarnated for thousands of years, charming and enchanting. I, who never took the initiative to approach the dog, unexpectedly took her into my arms happily, like holding a young child. I was extremely happy. After being kept at home for a period of time, Bomei’s home was no longer like home. Her quiet life was disrupted in the past, so she had to be sent to the repair shop in trouble and the balcony on the third floor was used as her temporary place. In hot summer and autumn, Bomei could not hold on any more. When I found something bad, things had become worrying me. For several days in a row, boiled eggs used to be eaten became garbage cleaned everyday. The tail of expressing feelings and meaning will no longer wander happily like fish in the water in the past. For teasing and calling, it completely loses interest, showing a kind of numbness, dullness, indifference and depression. What worries me is that she no longer eats. It is very difficult to stand and walk. Even if you stand, it is like a piece of yellow leaves hanging on the branch, which makes you tremble and shake constantly. There were several red liquid of bomeila on the ground, which made me think in horror that there were two dogs a few years ago. It was also because of the same sign that the treatment failed to end my life. Thinking of this, my heart was as painful as being hit. People and animals both need care and recuperation. If they don’t care but insist on raising, are they wasting their lives in the end? I don’t want to buy, but I prefer to buy, who can control who?! This time, Bomei may be doomed. There was no time to delay, so I quickly informed my husband that Bomei would be sent to the pet hospital at noon. After the anti-inflammatory injection in the afternoon, Bomei was brought back to the factory. I soaked Bomei with the dog food I loved before. Go to the third floor to check the situation before work, carefully try to take the dog food away to see if there is any reaction, but suddenly I was surprised to hear the low sound of Bomei food. After only one day’s injection, Bomei’s spirit began to improve. Her appetite had increased and her body finally stopped shaking. The next day, Bomei, who had taken a bath, was not white but much better than before she got sick. I was glad that Bomei was safe and sound this time. I dared not to let it be left unattended any more and accepted the reality of Bomei returning home silently. Home is warm for both humans and animals. Not to mention that the fixed amount of three meals a day can still keep the heat, and the bustle of people coming and going can also make loneliness become jubilant. There were also two activities of walking outside at noon and evening in one day, which created time and opportunity for Bomei to recover quickly. Every week, when taking a bath regularly, Bomei’s fur becomes more and more fluffy, soft and whiter. Only the fur under the thigh that is not combed in time is tangled like clouds in the sky. I thought Bomei’s disease was like ointment shortage, but I didn’t expect to recover soon after treatment. This is the luck of Bomei and our family. Just a week ago, when I observed my daughter, I found that Bomei’s dirty red body accidentally and reported it to me without knowing what to do. I was noncommittal. My husband calculated carefully that the one-year-old Bomei had reached the spring period when he learned the news. However, how to deal with this problem? We go out early and go back late every day when we go to work. Not only do we not know the people who raise this kind of dog, but we even have no chance to contact the nearby dog walkers. This seemingly simple question made us puzzled for a while. At this time, my daughter provided a message, saying that there was one in our yard. I took Bomei down that day, and saw that the aunt downstairs was holding the same dog as Bomei. The aunt also asked me, is your dog a male dog or a female dog? I said it was a bitch, aunt said, then they wouldn’t fight. There are matching desert dogs in the yard, but how can we contact each other. No one knows who, the difficult time, the difficult thing to talk about, just had a little look, but encountered a new bottleneck. Telephone, I remembered the mobile phone. Although I didn’t want my child to participate in it, I couldn’t do without the help of my child. I can only let my daughter consult the dog-keeping experience concisely when she meets her, and contact the phone number of both parties. A thing we hadn’t met in the past made our whole family think hard about it. There was a god’s chance in the world. On the way we took Bomei to the hotel to take a bath, my daughter pointed at a dog under the dim street lamp and exclaimed, looking at the front, that was the one on the road! At the moment when her husband shook the window and opened his mouth, the middle-aged man who led the dog blurted out unexpectedly, removing his family name and calling out her husband’s name kindly, as if he had known him very early in the past. The husband couldn’t remember who the other person was. It seemed unimportant. The important thing was that the other person knew his husband and left a phone call soon. Next, we discussed what we need to do in the car: after Bomei gave birth to several dogs in the next few months, she asked the other party to choose one in return. If the other party was unwilling to adopt the dog, then you can pay the other party according to the rules. Extra dogs are sold to people who like dogs by their daughter’s grandma. Just like looking forward to the coming of a holy wedding banquet, that night, my daughter and I washed the Bomei who was about to get married clean, fragrant and pleasant. We believe that after making efforts to plan and arrange the ideas, the following things must be logical and follow people’s wishes. Unexpectedly, the plan couldn’t catch up with the change. Only a few minutes in one night, all the expectations were turned into soap bubbles and broke down instantly. Obedient and smart Bomei, refuse to be with strange people! Although it was a fervent and affectionate admirer who was close to Bomei and tall, handsome and powerful, he didn’t get Bomei’s favor at all. Bomei was not willing to obey the order of others, but roared stubbornly, resisted, prevented and took the attitude of attacking to show no cooperation. Maybe it was because of the first time, maybe it had no emotional foundation, or maybe it was because the desert dog had a lofty nature. 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