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On a certain day in 2011, I walked all the way on my way back from shopping alone. Pain is the only feeling that I can feel my feet. It can even be called numbness. In fact, I occasionally hope that this can stimulate my sensory nerve. But the fact is, once the heart isRead More



The mid-autumn festival is full of love. With the Mid Autumn Festival of arrival, infinite sad into thick worry Silk, cut ceaseless, and chaotic. In the past, we simply expected the dream to come true. Our fragile hearts slowly broke apart in the stumbling time and time again, and slowly healed in the growth, leavingRead More


You don’t

Rich dad in “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” said that financial business has nothing to do with how much money you earn. Financial business is an indicator to measure how much money you can keep and how long you can let the money work for you. This sentence repeated chewing, intriguing. Financial businessmen are as importantRead More