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With tears

My sister was engaged, and I fell in love. On the phone, I held back my tears to congratulate her. I could imagine my sister’s happy little woman, just like me at the beginning. Now it seems that it is really a satire. Astringent first love, a beautiful mistake I fell in love with youRead More



[Introduction] search all the way, search all the way, drill all the way forward. The branch hooked the hair, causing pain. Thorns pierced through clothes to the back, legs and even any part of the body, making people grinning like needles. Spring is coming and everything recovers. The small trees sprouted, and the grass wasRead More



I stood high and looked towards the southeast, thinking that you were in that direction. Listening to your voice, wandering in my heart, looking for it in my dream, your miss. The voice in the dream is so beautiful, the breeze on the high place has your smell. Looking at the distance, thousands of lights,Read More