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[Introduction] The Internet is a very useful place. Many people get to know each other, shop and exchange information through the Internet. Global trends and news will appear there at the first time. While letting my father hang water in Shifeng hospital, my sister, and mother were discussing countermeasures nervously in private. We all clearly understand in our hearts that even if hanging water eases the pain, it is only a superficial phenomenon. And if we don’t take any action, father’s illness will undoubtedly worsen. Time, time, we must hurry up to find a way! Even if he can’t cure his disease, at least he can stay with us longer and longer. When eating, my father obviously had no appetite. After hanging the water, he just felt the pain was not so unbearable. I didn’t know that he had been suffering from frequent constipation for a long time until I went to the hospital and heard my father talk with the doctor. Usually, after taking two tablets of Yinqiao antidote pills, it was passed, and constipation continued the next day. When my father put on his present clothes, the clothes were obviously much empty. Even I, a person who could not be aware of people’s weight and thinness, could clearly detect that he was really much thinner. After asking, I knew that it was at least over 20 Jin. I am such a careless person, he never thought that the sudden losing weight would hide the fatal disease. My father told the doctor that he had never suffered from any serious illness, and he was still proud when he said it. When the doctor asked him how long the cough had lasted, he said that the pain was only over one week after more than one month. I speechless. I clearly remember that my father had less obvious hypertension and had urinary calculus in the first two years. However, he coughed indistinctly for more than 5 months, and the pain lasted for more than a month. He concealed unconsciously, and invisibly revealed his usual strength again. The helpless mother, thinking of the disaster and loneliness in the future, could only turn to the gods psychologically except crying and telling. She said that if my father’s illness could be cured, our family would go to Nanyue from left to right in August to serve incense. We can’t say anything except promise. Although I have always been dubious about those things, if there is a miracle, I will never be stingy to be a pilgrims. My sister and I (especially my sister) spend more time on the Internet. The Internet is a very useful place. Many people get to know each other, shop and exchange information through the Internet. Global trends and news will appear there at the first time. And how much we hope to find miracles there. My sister remembered that she accidentally saw a log on the internet some time ago. It was said that it was a prescription left by a condemned criminal in order not to lose his medical skills, which could cure all kinds of cancers. At that time, she transferred that log to her own space out of the psychology that she might be able to help others. Surprisingly, his brother-in-law also told a true story a few days ago: he took a taxi that day, because of pharyngolartis, coughing from time to time, the driver seemed to be aware of something, he asked him to write down a prescription and the suffering method of the prescription with his mobile phone. The driver also left his contact information at that time, saying that the prescription was a summary of his generation’s medical practice. After a few days, my brother-in-law had no intention of calling the driver’s number again, but it was turned off. Everything is like a mysterious fantasy story. More coincidentally, the prescription provided by the driver was actually one of the prescriptions my sister saw online. We don’t know whether that prescription is a guide of a kind person. When we saw the formula and usage of prescriptions on the internet again, and carefully checked the effect of each medicine, we found that at least there were no toxic and side effects. Therefore, we were discussing whether to use this prescription for father. What we are worried about is that the prescription indicates that the patient will have pus and blood discharge, and it will not be normal until the disease recovers. And if my father saw pus and blood after drinking the medicine, would he doubt and be shocked? But without medication, father’s illness will only become more and more serious. Even if you send your father to the best hospital in the city or Xiangya Hospital in Changsha for diagnosis, the result of the biopsy will wait for several days. And what do we take to control his illness these days? (It is said that the hospital will not take drugs before diagnosis.) 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