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There are many things in life that move you, either happy or sad. I often record them all. That is my trace in my life. Just like a row of footprints left in the snow. Even though it was crooked, it came after all. Calm, smile. The poetic age. We are on campus, under theRead More


That a

Senior one, I just remember that snowflakes were flying down and I was standing at the school gate, the man across the road finally came to me and blew off the snow on my hair for me gently brushed off the snow on my school uniform. His smile was still falling, light and warm, jokinglyRead More



[Introduction] Yes, listening to Teresa Teng’s songs can tell the world of colors, pictures and red wine. Her songs are also Ruan Mian song. She can fall asleep and fall asleep after listening to her songs. Suddenly, Teresa Teng had been away for many years, and what she took away was not only her songs.Read More