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Lu Xun

The moment the No. 11 bus arrived in front of the ancient town Road Zhong, the strange stone in Lu Xun camp in the east was fixed in people’s eyes, as if the Confucian general of Dongwu who defeated Liu Bei of Shu Han by fire was standing tall and tall, it is solemn and admirable. The cold and hard stone did not explain to us the history of the Three Kingdoms in, Gongyuan, which was full of fire and Dingding, but it led us to reappear from the four characters in Lu Xun’s camp, the young Grand Commander of Haichang Tuntian, the preparation scene before the civil and military strategy is launched. The past is more than a thousand years ago, Wei Wu waved his whip, Cao Cao waved his whip and broke his halter on the Red Cliff, but Lu Xun’s whip was snapping in Soochow, and the wind was booming. He settled here, thirsty for drinking water and eating turnip, to persuade the farming of Mulberry and the training of soldiers and horses to advance hand in hand, both of them were hard. In less than two years, the city was indeed rich in grain and grass, and the army was strong, which laid the material foundation beyond the victory of thousands of miles. Sikong pulled out the camp to the Yangtze River, where the land was left in Lu Xun camp. More than 1700 years later, when the corroded arrows and annihilated ancient wells were picking posts and digging earth, farmers were surprised to find that, suddenly, it reminded people of a poem written by the local scholar named Guan tingfen in Yili. The Fireflies were a little late at night, and the traces of Lu Xun’s legacy were not worn, so Xu Mutong searched for the old base, late tuo niu back sing Wu Song. Probably from then on, the camp went into Lu Zhongren’s heart again, and also gave way to Zhong Ren to pay attention to the historical and cultural information deposited in the ancient town again. Zhu Hegen, the Communist Party member who once went to Vietnam to fight against America in those years, devoted himself to the folk affairs in Lu Zhong after retirement with the love for his hometown. He stared at Lu Xun, eyeing camp. I want to build a stone on the former site of the camp, so as to let the descendants know that our Lu Zhongli once became Lu Xun’s barracks. This thought was stubbornly wandering in his mind, and he couldn’t help crying out in his sleep. He couldn’t stay any longer. He went to Luzhong specially to discuss with Zhou Baijin, Zhang Zhihua, Zhu Weian and other people who were also enthusiastic about local affairs. He decided to stand on the stone to commemorate, and everyone agreed. The process is quite difficult to turn ideas into reality without funds and hands. Zhu Hegen went up against the difficulties. In order to choose suitable stones, he paid attention to asking everywhere. He went to Tonglu, Lin’an, Wangdian and Jianshan, and saw one after another, one stone after another; Those who are too small feel lack of momentum, those who are just so-so feel lack of beauty, and those who are satisfied with the price scare people; They ran dozens of places, finally, I found a rare stone which was basically satisfied, beautiful, imposing and affordable on the way to Jiaxing. The stone was in love, but the problem came. Where did the tens of thousands of yuan of stone purchase fund come from? It was also Zhu Hegen who carried forward the spirit of military training in order to raise funds to buy stones, Enterprises and individuals are tired of grinding their lips. This one costs 1,000 yuan, and that one seeks 500 yuan. After more than a year’s painstaking efforts and no fear of hitting the wall, the funds for buying stones are finally integrated. Next, Zhu Hegen was busy in transporting stones, carving stones and standing stones. Qishi was erected on the eve of the second Luoxi Culture and Art Festival in xieqiao town in 2011, which won people’s praise. However, some people talked about gossips that the Bodhisattva of Guan emperor was worshiped in the Zhongji Temple which was separated all the way. The Stone in the Lu Xun camp was erected in its southwest, and the souls of the two sworn opponents were going to fight with each. Zhu Hegen said with a smile that now people are talking about harmony. Can’t Shu Han and Soochow talk about harmony? What’s more, the two historical figures have been living for more than a thousand years, what else will they come? What stands upright in Lu Xun’s camp is not only rare stones, but also a kind of thick history, a kind of humanity inscription, a kind of continuation of love and a kind of selfless dedication. 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