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With the tapping of your fingertips on the keyboard, strings of text flow out of the screen. I finally breathed a long sigh of relief, what a relaxed and familiar feeling. But at this moment, I have to admit how difficult it is to get rid of a habit, or to give up an addiction.Read More



2010 nian 1 yue 6 ri. There is no light snow in the weather forecast, the sky is still clear, and the temperature is a little low. I don’t like every nerve in winter and paralysis. Like everyone else, I hurried and hurried tirelessly in the coming Spring Festival. Suddenly a voice rang in myRead More


To powder

You are good! First of all, prose online and hand-in-hand literature express our heartfelt thanks to you: you have worked hard. The original gathering here, the heart returns to one place. We met unexpectedly in the long river of life. The same hobbies and pursuits come together. It is also the pursuit of words inRead More



If a man really loves you, he will come up to accompany you even if he has already slept after seeing you go online. If a man really loves you, he will proudly tell his friends and family that you are his favorite woman. Of course, he will not always talk about it, but useRead More