They were a group of lonely people who didn’t have real happiness and forgot to sleep and eat because of the devil’s system, just for an unknown marriage, just like the innovation that this country talked about all day long, you say that a country that even doesn’t fully realize freedom talks about innovation all day long, which is different from letting a disabled person play tricks.

Today, I went to the library for self-study. I brought a piece of paper, a pen and a mobile phone. In order to relieve boredom, I specially downloaded some songs of Richard, it was said that I could forget my troubles after listening to his songs. I didn’t pay attention to a few people sitting nearby. In short, it was very quiet, which made me uncomfortable, so I couldn’t watch it anymore. I pushed the chair aside quietly and went to the bookshelf to see if I could find some ordinary little books. As for those who take words like China and the world, I am don’t pay attention to them. As a small citizen, we should focus on the vital interests, if you look at the book with that big word, it also says that piracy is prohibited, so those editors are also collecting their own income. With disappointment, I walked through bookshelves one by one and saw a book in the innermost broken shelf, which was written by a Taiwanese woman about emotional problems and men looking for junior three, this really aroused my interest. The fact was that I gained a lot in that hour. When it comes to harvest, it reminds me that recently, some people said that my articles were very empty and I felt angry. I don’t think what I wrote was forced to be read by others. I wrote, I feel comfortable in my heart. No one stipulates what I want to write. If someone tells me, Liu Wenzhe, your article is not well written, you didn’t write a good article like this. What do you want me to explain? If you like to read it, you can also read those articles of everyone. You can see that Yu Qiuyu is just a good person, you can see that Guo Moruo and Guo Moruo are childhood friends. And my articles are mainly published on the prose online, it seems that the reading volume is several thousand. Back to the topic of library, it really makes me uncomfortable, because I haven’t been there twice this year, but I forgot to bring my campus card when I wanted to go, so I sneaked in behind my classmate. Once my leg was stuck on it. Fortunately, there was no one, so I went in with a thick face. Didn’t someone say that I was innocent, besides, I haven’t stolen the book yet.

I’m a little forgetting what I want to say. This is not a prose, and this one should be written as an essay! By the way, it was the cannibalistic exam. I tried my best to describe it poetic, or someone would say that I am full, I was also filtered out from that sieve, but unfortunately I am a very slender monster, very oily.

There was a scene of senior three, which I still remember very clearly. It was a morning. Some of our partners skipped classes and went to the mountain outside the city to play, frankly speaking, I didn’t go to class normally in the second semester of senior high school. I skipped classes every three to five times. The head teacher thought that I, a bad child, would be infected with the virus to those good children, I secretly let them alienate me. I am very happy that they are really alienated. The more they alienate me, the more lucky they are, because they are far away from other people. The weather was very good that day, the sky of the small city was peaceful, the construction site was full of hot buildings, the corner was bustling, the bright Street was congested, and everything seemed to go in an orderly way, I leaned my head and looked at the shuttle bus outside the school gate. I couldn’t help feeling the bad guys, so I came out of class with them. Thankfully, we all came out voluntarily. I was very moved by that kind of voluntary, you would think that was the innocence of your childhood friends, and we were still naive at that sensible age, which was given by them. I seem to hear several four eyes talking about us, a group of fallen children, around a math problem. What puzzles me all the time is that sometimes I skip classes and go out to do exercises on the mountain. I am also a learner like them, it seems that the efficiency is still high, but they still ridicule me for being smart. Now let me copy the scene again. I should try to recall it. It is worthy. Several of our Playmates took a one-yuan bus to the foot of the mountain, The weather was so good that it was too extravagant for the children at that time to go out for exercise. If one day my child told me that Dad, I slept soundly today and didn’t jump off the building tomorrow, that would be the system. As soon as I got off the bus, sanpi teased, as if it was a self-consoling teasing. The group of silly X, like brain-disabled, should be physically disabled when doing questions day and night, if you don’t do it, you can do it. You can sit still or do it carefully. If we did this, Fu Yu might be pissed off. There were so few people in the class that Kang Kang walked in front and said to us. He is not a fool. If he was a fool, he would not know why we did this. I answered. Too tired. My pilot didn’t know what the result would be. He was a little desperate for life and shook his head. If the crooks were tested, they could fly every day. The salted fish said wretched, and soon they couldn’t be seen. It turned out that they were playing jokes. In the class, the scores of the two of them were not very good. It seemed that there were always many people dissatisfied with them, and they would fight during the break when people were doing exercises and sleeping. During that period of time, the status of class members was completely ranked according to their grades, and my position was also very low, because my grades were not good either. There is such a thing. When I first entered No. 1 Middle School, the head teacher set me the goal of Fudan University and Tsinghua University. When I was in senior two, it was a key point, in the second semester of senior three, it was difficult to take two exams. Sometimes, I would be unhappy, because others would not pay attention to you. Now I think that without YF’s company, I would have been mediocre in those years, therefore, I said that love can really give people motivation and comfort. It is not physical but spiritual. I don’t know how many people have really tasted and reborn alive.

We didn’t choose to climb in diameter. It was a bit exaggerated to say that it was climbing, because it could only be regarded as a small hill, a place where people were buried, but now it is already public. Why do you insist on taking a detour? Ma Rui asked sanpi in such a hot day. If you take a detour, you may encounter different scenery, because you can’t see your head. If you look at your head on the straight road, you will find nothing interesting. Kangkang answer word. Don’t pretend to be forced, pretend to be forced to be struck by thunder, hurry up and climb, said Crooke. Fuck! I saw Dao Hong, who came by bike, and the salted fish said hurriedly. That must be for us, but is it necessary for us to let him do so. His head is so bright, you are sure that you can’t see clearly, Ma Rui said with a simple smile. Looking at the salted fish as if nothing had happened, we looked at each other and realized that it must be the ghost idea of salted fish. When we came to the front of a cliff, we walked in a queue, and we could clearly see the traces of rain erosion on the cliff surface and the Moss marks in the humid environment. On another hill, I found a peach tree, next to which was the TV tower, surrounded by high walls made of stones. There are also several dogs tied inside, which are relatively wild. The sound of us walking a little will make it scream. Here are peaches, I cried. Qi Wei came and asked where he was. He asked like a child. He was a student in senior two. He knew each other because of a fight. His family was very good, since he got to know us, his performance has also declined sharply. Last semester, when I went home to have hot pot at a classmate party, he drank the most that night. He told me that the time he played with us was the most beautiful, and he didn’t regret at all, I miss it very much, but now we graduate, he is still suffering there, a person depressed. We broke your grades, I said tentatively. No, No. If it weren’t for you, I would be mentally ill. If the classmates in the class couldn’t play together, he looked at me while eating. Why can’t I play one piece? I didn’t do well with them. He seemed a little curious about my questioning method. I am also very curious, why don’t you play with others because of poor grades, and what are the grades? Fraction? Few people with good grades have noble moral character in China. He told me. Let me think about it. Think about how a healthy person can be brewed in a life-and-death learning environment.

Still on that immortal mountain, we picked peaches, which were green and not ripe. But I couldn’t get it until I climbed to the top of the wall. I climbed up in a sweater stupidly. Few people wanted to get so many hooks. In the end, I lost them, my arm was scratched when I came down. It was the wall covered by cement. It was very painful and painful, but it was always more comfortable than numbness. We sat on the windward side of the mountain. There was an artificial lake at the bottom of the mountain, which was left by the brick factory’s excavation. The water was very clear and blue. The wind blows and it is wet. I like this kind of smell very much. I always feel that I am a natural child and have been very close to it all my life. The stone we sit on is a specialty of our hometown, Lingbi stone. I don’t know how to describe it. If we use terminology, it is ugly, leaky and thin, but that is too professional, its color is very similar to that of the inkstone, which is very impressive. My hands kept pinching the grass on the ground, cutting off the waist one by one. I didn’t feel that I was cruel at all. I just felt that it was broken, which made my heart feel more pleasant. Salted fish ran to me, Ask me how to learn efficiently. I couldn’t answer for a while, because I didn’t feel how good my grades were, and I was not qualified to talk about learning methods there. It seemed that he wanted to improve his performance, but he was a little weak. Then we stopped discussing the topic of learning, because we were all bad children.

We all climbed to the top of the wall, letting the strong wind blow and singing the boundless sky together. The lyrics of that seemingly forgotten song were like this: Forgive me for indulging my love for freedom in my life, I will also be afraid that one day I will fall down, abandon my ideal, and I will also be afraid that one day only you will be with me.

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