One semester passed slowly in ignorance, eating less and sleeping more every day, but as a result, there was not much but a little more brain. Hehe, the feeling of summer vacation may be the most correct. With the end of the exam, our summer vacation is coming!

With one tired heart, I started to work in the summer vacation in my imagination-Shenzhen. Starting slightly, 7 yue 11 morning: {really admire We Three (three classmates starting to catch the train), four-point multi-get up set off, now still up, tomorrow day what get through?} With the passion and enthusiasm of young people, and the spirit and hard-working energy, my classmates and I went to the railway station and crowded on the crowded train. Without tickets, we just sat from Wuhan to Guangzhou, I spent the day like this. 7 yue 11 late, eight multi-, we were on the from Guangzhou to Shenzhen shuttle. {In one and a half hours, my destination basically arrived, and the fatigue of the journey came to a small paragraph temporarily} we are on the bus to Shenzhen, after more than an hour, we arrived at the summer vacation work place we imagined in Longhua, Shenzhen. [Moment or moment? I have learned a lot. Although I know it, I haven’t done it. It’s useless. It seems that I really have to change my mind to face myself!!!]!!!]

At 11:30, when the destination was raining, after more than an hour’s running, we finally had a hot meal and found a hotel. Very tired, we soon entered deep sleep… on the 12th, the weather was very hot, we went to the company according to our previous plan… a helpless and vain day. {It is useless to be a scholar, only to read high, ironic! xian shi! 90 after not dry, discrimination! If you want a woman or a man, despise it! Full, no, ignore! Traveling around other cities, completely myopic!!!} It was late at night, and the work unexpectedly failed, so we finally decided to go to another destination-Dongguan. (I one has lived, and of those places) 7 yue 13, morning morning sitting car arrived in Dongguan this familiar with both strange city, afternoon we shuttled job in. {The heavy rain came too suddenly, and suddenly it was half-way robbery and blocked the way} the weather in the South was very strange, and the rain came and went too fast. Anyway, it couldn’t be found today. I searched for another day on the 14th, but I was still in vain! A miserable day! [Do whatever you want, do whatever you want, follow the nature, follow the nature] late at night, we finally made up our mind again to find each family, go back to each mother, I also decided to return to Wuhan! I bought a ticket, on the 15th, I went back to Wuhan… {where to go back and forth. Cups!} [in fact, is actually] 7 yue 16, returned, back to the familiar city-Wuhan. I can’t play in vain during the summer vacation. I continue to look for a job… it’s the 18th. I’m really disappointed. I didn’t expect that it’s so hard to find a summer job. I’m physically and mentally exhausted! {The Dawn of July is always so early, which makes me wake up very early} it will collapse completely on the 19th!! [My friend and I said, as a man running around, I felt so lonely, lonely, helpless and helpless in my heart. Obviously, my heart was exhausted and there was no way ahead, but on the surface, I still have to pretend that the world can go. How can I feel this kind of mood so deeply without personal experience! ]]

two-a tired body transfer, the time is still at noon on the 19th: a sudden call came from the boss of a company in Wuhan, asking me to go to work tomorrow morning. {This manager was really annoyed. He misremembered the time of our holiday, which made me run around outside for a week. It was a waste of money and tiring, …… alas! I finally have to go to work tomorrow. Come on @} I think this boss did it on purpose, but there is no need to waste the summer vacation. On July 20, after a tired drive in the morning, I finally arrived at the working place, Fengshu No. 2 Road, Caidian, WUHAN-A material company. I started to work in the afternoon… {the first day of work started today, and finally the tired experience was enriched, but the work was so tired, especially the final delivery, poor young people who were so good that they wanted to cry without tears. Finally, they asked the supervisor to make it clear, so they decided not to ship the goods any more. Lord, bless me to work smoothly until the end. 7 yue 22, work two days, {I wish day had come on, evening slowly, because day work time so long, and five in the morning get up, I really can’t stand it}/ 23th {The early bird is sleepy} {such a hot day with such heavy work, people are completely fed by water, in case there is no water one day, what do I depend on!!!} on July 24, I have been working for several days! {Although I gradually adapt to the bitter rhythm of work, my empty and weak body in the morning still makes me uncomfortable. I hope I can adapt to it all in two days!} {usually don’t like to eat vegetables, now stamped and eat quite fragrant, original men mature men can do this} 7 yue No. 25, {this on a class not only hand pain dead, and the skin is broken, what a miserable word!} {when I get up in the morning, I find it difficult to straighten my fingers. How should I spend this class today?} Miss miss!! [Thousands of mountains, thousands of mountains, the sky is high, the road is far away, summer is hot, Acacia Maple Leaf Dan. The chrysanthemum is blooming, the chrysanthemum remains, the lonely bird flying alone is not seen, and the moon shadow is cold.] 7 yue 26, hand is really can’t stand it, until now, no way complain, manager tried to I change to air conditioning room manual class to work. On the 27th, contact with new jobs. {Change to a more relaxed position, so I am still playing till now, and my salary is also much easier at the same time} {change the position, and today I have earned more than 38 yuan, I hope I can get 50 tomorrow. Come on &} on the 28th, {It’s not easy to change my position. After a hard day, I finally got 50 yuan set last night, I hope I can stick to it @} on the 29th. It has been four days since I changed my position. Today is depressed! {Today is the fourth day to change my position. I was in a good mood today, but I didn’t expect the boss to come to see me suddenly. He saw that what I did unexpectedly said no, and I had to rework, the aunt in charge of the workshop also said that she would check it tomorrow, but she couldn’t rework it, which made me not in the mood to continue doing it. Let’s relax myself, play while doing it, and don’t work overtime, leave the remaining three hours and quit. Everything will be discussed tomorrow, alas!!!} on the 30th, on a new day, I decided to start doing my work again. The factory was speechless at the same time. When I got up, I was asked to turn off the air conditioner. I always felt that I was not an honest person {the girl who was older than me in the workshop said, “you are too honest, others are so bully that they told me not to be so honest. I fainted on the spot!} No. 31 [the rhythm of life, some people gradually become familiar with, some people gradually become unfamiliar, some people come, some people slowly stay away, and some people just stay here for a short time, the rest is just a memory, permanent, temporary, with traces of time limit, accompanied by the old years, and I gradually get used to it, adapt to the lonely and mature life of fate]]

On August 1st, a new month began, and half of the summer vacation passed. After working for 12 days, I am really tired {aunt said that there is nothing to do today, let me take a day off, I will not refuse @} rest for a day, so I went to the Internet cafe and prepared to play casually. {I was so dizzy that I didn’t surf the Internet for more than ten days. When I came to the Internet cafe, there was a problem with the keyboard of the machine. QQ was also restricted to log in, which boring guy uses my number to send messages to my number ……} he doesn’t work, and there is no food in the factory, so he is speechless! {It is a bird every day, and I haven’t had a rest for half a day. The goods have arrived. If I don’t work, there will be no food in the factory. Mom} {tomorrow is a new start, brother Zhang, come on} No. 2. {I don’t know whether it is because of blowing the air conditioner or the weather is too hot. When I was working in the morning, I not only had a little nosebleed but also sneezed a few times, depressed} No. 3, a relatively special day. {It is not easy to work as a summer vacation worker. In order to get the salary and extra money, you should not only obey the arrangement but also cross the factory, and work in the factory from 7: 30 to 6: 00 in the daytime, I have to work in another factory from to the next day, and I have to work again at the next day, so tired!} {It’s over 6 o’clock, brother, I’m going to work again} {I didn’t have supper, I didn’t have breakfast, and I went to work all morning, which means I’m starving to death, boss, hurry up and get the meal back!} {Brother is starving to death, the fast food bought in the factory is really fast, it hasn’t arrived for so long, alas!} insert something else {friends who want to work for a long time can contact me, including food and accommodation, with a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan. The factory is located at No. 4, Caidian, Hanyang, Fengshu Second Road, Wuhan, next door to Guanjie.}, there are many interesting things in the factory that are speechless. {Depressed, two colleagues took the whole family (wife and two or three-year-old children) to the dormitory for the night, which made brother move to the next door to sleep. Alas, he still spoke loudly inside, speechless!} I had no choice but to sleep in the dormitory next door!! On the 5th, the factory notified the holiday again. {The factory will be on holiday soon, what should I do} [the legend of my brother is actually not just a legend ……] I am speechless, and I am ready to go back to Wuchang. {After the holiday, I was asked to stay at night for two days. When I bought something to eat, I can’t say it now. Alas, depressed} Three — a special day for many people, August 6, 2011

{Valentine’s Day?} I was really speechless on the 6th. {I was so dizzy that I told me yesterday that I couldn’t work. I just invited me to work for a few days, and I said it for two days. Alas, depressed!} {The person who sent the meal didn’t say a word, and left two minutes late, which made me spend money to eat myself. I also wanted to waste my afternoon time. I didn’t go online, and the steward was fooling around, depressed} {it was my first night shift, and I didn’t know whether there was a problem with the machine or mine, which made everyone so busy} It was late at night, and I was on the night shift. Today is almost over [it is getting dark at the end of the day, and the night is getting deeper and deeper. Today is the traditional Valentine’s day of Chinese Tanabata. Who knows how many people have been brought happiness and sorrow today? I don’t know. What I know is that today I am not only a passer but also a spectator. Seeing friends become sad and happy today, I can’t help saying, no matter affectionate or ruthless, after all, the life will continue. Valentine’s Day is every day when you are affectionate. Why should you pay attention to today when you are not affectionate?] write to yourself and also to your friends… on the morning of the 7th, {after a night’s work, I finally got off work. It’s really hard!} {another sleepless night} on the 8th, {finally got off work} the morning that scared me and my friends and classmates {damn, just got off the night shift, I was trapped in the elevator. It was so dark inside. When can I go out? Who will accompany me? Whoops} at noon, I was walking on the way back to Wuchang, on a whim, I started my journey to the Moon Lake. {The scenery of Moon Lake is quite good, why didn’t you watch it carefully before?} My graffiti work (I went to Moon Lake on a whim and learned an old man to walk the path, but it took me two and a half hours to go back to the original road from Moon Lake.) On the 9th, rest. I made lunch by myself, hehe, {I don’t remember how many days I didn’t cook in person. I cooked two meals today, and found that I was unfamiliar with the technology. I have to learn more and practice more in the future!} No. 10 [who do I think, who do I don’t want, I know, I don’t know; Who misses me, who doesn’t want me, I know, I don’t know either!]!] On the 11th, I took a day off reading and watched the TV series on the 12th, which seemed to be the beginning of the episode of “The great age”. {Why is the love in the movie always so wonderful and touching??} {fate is two words after all. If you win the fortune, you cannot fight for it! We still have to let nature take its course and see the result} on the 15th, the factory holiday was over in a flash. {I went back to the factory again, and there was no traffic on my mobile phone. Please contact me via text message} on the 16th, {I started to live a life like a machine again!} On the 17th, it was still a depressed day. {Mobile phone has no traffic, cup! The whole family is also having a cup of washing utensils, and the children are coming, it is half a washing utensil!!!} It was the 19th in a flash. {the child started crying at, which made me not have a good rest at all. I must go fishing at work today!} {After work, the factory is also on holiday, what summer job am I doing?} Once I received a notice that the factory was on holiday!!! 20hao {I said that you, a child, cried like this every day. How did your mother do? How could you cry like this when I woke up at four o’clock?} still return to Wuchang. {First think 208 less crowded, not smell as bad, not so hot, less enclosed noise, less insecure, suffer less} 21, waiting way, {When I was just waiting for the bus, I saw a 40-year-old tramp who was picking up garbage, eating the ice cream left by others and throwing it on the ground. My heart couldn’t help twitching and I couldn’t turn around to look elsewhere, people!} Still continue to watch TV series [pure friendship, selfless love, persistent perseverance, why worry about not being able to achieve, breaking out your own blue sky!!! ]]

It’s really fast on the 23rd, {the rain in Wuhan makes people feel quite cold} it’s raining heavily, but I have to send my brother information to Foxconn {at 6 pm, it’s raining in Wuhan, on Guanggu No. 2 highway, my elder brother held an umbrella in his left hand, a bicycle handlebar in his right hand, headphones hanging on his ear and a bag hanging on his shoulder, and he drove on the road with high concentration, how do you feel like a postman in the 1970 s and 1980 s?} it’s the end of the summer vacation — the work is completely relieved, the 26th language: [it’s the third time, I’m really disappointed] there is no traffic on the mobile phone, so I read books and TV every day these days, on the 26th, it’s pretty fast {I will go to school tomorrow, who are you?} [I didn’t go to QQ, so I can live a good life, although there are many troubles in my life, as long as we get used to it, as time goes by, everything is still going on] on the 27th, we decided to go back to the dormitory and go to school. {Use your own computer to surf the internet again, I feel pretty good…} on the 28th, at 1 PM {sleep till now, so cool, I admire myself…} although the summer vacation is on September 2nd, I guess I will play every day in the next few days, so today is the end of the summer vacation memoirs. The best ending for myself at 9 pm on August 29, 2011: The reality is cruel, but you can live happily if you like, otherwise, there will be only pain.

Pessimistic people think that the daily time is too long, optimistic people think that the daily time is too little.

Whether work is good or bad is decided by the society, and whether work is happy or not is decided by yourself.

Laugh heartily when you are happy, and try to laugh when you are unhappy.

Smile, nothing can make you unhappy.

People alive, happy good!

Dai [] is what I know. Dai {} is really a daily heart during summer vacation. () is a supplement, isn’t it

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One semester passed slowly in ignorance, eating less and sleeping more every day, but as…


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