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Hateful Mr. thief:

I am very sorry that I used such a name for you, because I think you are really not cute, and there is no way to like you, so don’t feel angry about my name.

I was shaking my head when I came home in the early morning of the day before yesterday to see the mess. Mr. thief, I was very curious about how could you come to visit a poor man like me? There is nothing at home, and I am the only one I can bring, but as long as I go out, I will take my own. I don’t know what else can you get in my home? However, I still have to admire you. Although you look really stupid, you are a professional thief.

At least those things you stole are all what I need. Although they are very worthless, I am also very curious about how did you put your mind on them? Although the shampoo is very conspicuous, I just bought it, and I like it very much. Now you take it, I have to wash my hair every day, and I have to buy a new one, little guy, you are really smart, but now I am also smart. I went out today and only bought a small bottle. You see, it costs less than twenty yuan with hair conditioner. Don’t take it any more, because they are really worthless. I don’t know how you saw the vegetable oil placed behind the kitchen door. Sometimes I have to look for it when cooking. It seems that you are still very clever. At least you can find everything that the owner can’t find, praise! Today, I went to buy it again. It is also a small bottle with a price of more than ten yuan. However, I am going to eat lard recently, so I don’t want to come again. For your health, people in the north don’t eat lard, they are afraid of hyperlipidemia, and it is very conspicuous to go out holding the oil tank, others will laugh at it.

All the small ornaments at home are really what I need. You can take them away. They are just decorations. Although I spent a little money on them, they are in your hands, they are really worthless, and in the future, I plan to only sell a set of all-match ones, so I will wear them when I go out, in the future, I will never see accessories in any corner of my home.

There is another thing I forgot. Last night, when I was ready to dry my hair, I found out that the gift hair dryer I bought at that time seemed to have been taken away by you. Hey Hey, the product was taken thoroughly. Although it cost 25 yuan, you still liked what I got without spending a penny at that time. You are awesome, and you are really awesome, I didn’t dry my hair for four hours last night. Today, my head still hurts badly and I am very smart.

Besides, the door of the house was destroyed by you. You really didn’t think about the owner at all. I spent 80 yuan repairing the lock yesterday, Mr. thief, no matter how many things you took from my master’s house, and in a short period of time, I roughly estimated, it cost me about 500 yuan to buy these things? Your hourly wage is relatively high, and I chose to come back at night when I was not at home. It doesn’t matter if you turn on my light to go out, I don’t know how much electricity I wasted even if I was on like this day and night? You are really hateful! Hateful extreme.

Besides, I’m going to move recently. Maybe you won’t be so lucky to meet the host when he is not at home next time. So, you should be smarter and don’t steal to the police station, at that time, I would burn incense. I was a man with no affection and liked to fall into the pit. Before I moved, I asked my uncle and aunt on the floor for help, so there were people around 24 hours a day, and the two dogs in Grandpa’s house next door were also there. Don’t quarrel with it any more, it will scream wildly. In addition to the clean and tidy bed at home, I am too lazy to tidy it up, so you should not even enter the house, because it is possible that you are trapped in a pile of rubbish everywhere and you can’t get rid of it. At that time, I will hit 110 with a smile. As I said earlier, I like it very much!

Well, you must regret coming here, right? So I hope you can turn over a new leaf from now on. It is also very good to be a locksmith. The salary is higher than that of my hourly wage. There is such a character in the Korean drama “A plum, don’t tell me that you haven’t seen it. I won’t explain it to you if you haven’t seen it. Watch it yourself. There is this TV play in the pile of dishes you stole from me. Watch it slowly! Wearing the wig stolen from me, looking at the dish stolen from me, smelly boy, you really enjoy it, don’t drink my cooking oil as a drink? Don’t use my shampoo to wash the stomach. It doesn’t work. It can only be used to wash that wig. Little Things.

After all, my host said so many good words, but actually he despised you, so don’t be proud.

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To small

Hateful Mr. thief: I am very sorry that I used such a name for you,…

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Hateful Mr. thief: I am very sorry that I used such a name for you,…

To small

Hateful Mr. thief: I am very sorry that I used such a name for you,…