She was so tired but had to get up

Thinking about another beautiful tomorrow

It may be the night, and my body is full of troubles

In other words, it is a short and comfortable mood

But now I wake up and feel so bitter

She is a woman who runs counter to others. She always habitually doesn’t fit the crowd and seems to have nothing in common with others. When others sleep, she goes out to surf the Internet or go out to relax. When others wake up, she came back and went to sleep!! Listening to the noise below …… she turned over helplessly and made herself tired habitually. After getting tired, it was the purr at night. She didn’t want the sisters and sisters in the dormitory to have a bad rest, so she chose to stay up all night. She was not torturing herself, but didn’t want others to have a bad rest. Therefore, staying up all night became her habit! I want to stay up all night! Otherwise many people rest bad. But she almost didn’t stay up all night in the last two weeks, because she knew that she was no longer close to her. It was very bad, and she would feel helpless and hateful.

The holiday was coming soon. She was very homesick. She wanted the only mother who really loved her and the mother who loved her. She knew that she must go back to see her mother well, otherwise her mother would be worried.

She used to smile like a flower, the corners of her mouth gently crossed the most beautiful arc smile pure, a beautiful and quiet woman, now her smile has already been dim, she has already lost a lot of things, as for how much happiness she has forgotten! Now only

Her sorrow.

Her malaise.

Her ouns.

Her lonely.

Her heart is very fragile. Now she basically eats instant noodles every day. She doesn’t want to eat in the canteen because she is afraid of being alone and loneliness. She is afraid that only the shadow will never leave her. She was afraid of others’ gossips. She knew that she had a bad temper, and now she was just like a hedgehog, hurting everyone around her who loved her …… some people said that she was hopeless.

Only she foolishly ate instant noodles, opened the bag and poured it into the instant noodles bag,

Only she is stupid and always cares about people who have treated her well,

Only she foolishly gave up her own happiness for the sake of others’ happiness

Only she foolishly believed that others would treat her sincerely.

In the dormitory, she thought so much that someone could treat her sincerely. She knew it was impossible. Whenever the love in the next dormitory told her how warm their dormitory was, she would only keep silent, then I gulped down the beer and didn’t give up until I felt dizzy!

There are 8 children in their dormitory, and she has 5 Sisters. Two younger sisters! She ranked sixth. She always hoped that her sisters would treat her like their sisters. Every time she came back all night and wanted to sleep, she got up. The dormitory was busy and forgot her existence. She always had a bad rest, feeling so tired, the dormitory must be silent when others sleep. She is not a person who loves fighting, and she doesn’t want to say anything. She just feels cold……

She promised tears to be happy!

She should not let tears worry about her!

She hopes tears can also be happy for her!

She hopes to set a good example for tears!

I hope tears can laugh when I am happy with her.

Cry when you are unhappy!

But she is not a normal girl, and she is always different from others. She has no normal living habits. In her own eyes, she feels like a little monster!

Yes, she is a little monster.

She wanted to stay up all night yesterday, because a boy who was very important to her in high school had an exam today, so she couldn’t let him accompany her all night! Even if he uses a mobile phone, she wants him to have a good rest and go to the exam energetically tomorrow!

Early in the morning, she opened QQ and deleted the QQ of a boy who was very important to her. She knew how she felt about her now. He had no feelings for her, and she didn’t want to drag him down any more, I hope he can find his own home! She doesn’t ask for anything now. She only hopes that she can be happy, even if it is some beautiful fantasy, so she always wants to sleep when she is free, looking for the only beauty she yearned for in her dream..

Once Zi said to her: they will go on together. She believes him, but she doesn’t believe herself! She knew that one day the oath would be swept away by a sudden tornado. Together with those glittering and transparent wings. The cruelty of roaring. Take away the only happiness. So there was nothing left in her hand.

The empty palm could not hold the residual residual temperature. It turns out that happiness can slip away from the palm of your hand.. Precious Emotions spread in my heart. There is a tacit understanding between them.

Dear, I want to compare it with this. We are the moon and stars at night. Even if the universe is dark and cold, we are still warm to each other, giving each other the power of happiness.

Tears. Ann. We happy together!

A big lollipop was filled with sweet happiness. You told me excitedly as a child that it was very sweet. Dear, I hope your mood is really bright now.

I hope the bright June can really open your frozen heart! We with expectations.

The opposite girl doesn’t know whether she can be truly happy! Hide the past confusion and sadness behind you, turn around and meet happiness!

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She was so tired but had to get up Thinking about another beautiful tomorrow It…


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She was so tired but had to get up Thinking about another beautiful tomorrow It…