I love

I haven’t been home for a long time, and enjoy the leisure time alone during the May Day holiday.

In the morning, the sunshine of May fell on me, feeling very comfortable. The wind of early summer gently stroked my face, and I was driving on my way home with sunshine.

I have been back home since the Spring Festival, and I have been busy with work, so I have no time to go home. However, it took me about three months, but the changes all the way surprised me very much. It turns out that why all the farmhouses along the roadside have become green lawns, and the more unique innovation is a piece of peach trees and forests with fake pink colors and a large lawn as thick as green carpets. On the lawn, the vivid statue of cows with white background and black flowers and the rolling hills in the distance seemed to see the vast prairie.

When I arrived at the community where I lived, I saw that there was a large peach blossom forest on the opposite side of the community. I used to like drinking tea there, sitting on a bamboo chair, make a cup of tea, hold a book in hand, stay away from the noise of the city, sip tea quietly and leisurely, very comfortable, very relaxed, and very happy. And the farmhouse is hidden in the deep peach forest. I remember when I bought a house here at the beginning, manager Chen of the sales department was very enthusiastic and the service was very thoughtful. So I invited manager Chen to have dinner at the Taohuayuan farmhouse and ordered three dishes, one soup and two bottles of beer, the pink peach blossoms were all over the trees, and the sun went through the gap of the peach trees and threw a beam of light into it. The colorful flowers fell down onto the top of the tomato egg soup. That beautiful feeling! If you are in a paradise. In the warm sun, the handsome guy sitting on the opposite side of the sun is really enjoying mentally! But now the huge windmills and tall and slender bamboos present in front of the eyes, how can the construction of artificial traces compare with the original ecology of natural style? Facing this scene, I feel a little bit disappointed.

When I got home, I put on Dao Lang’s album as usual, and let the vicissitudes of songs float in every corner of the room, then I began to clean up and boil a pot of boiled water. When everything was ready, make tea, light a cigarette, throw your whole body into the comfortable sofa. The orange light reflects the warmth of the room and feels at home. It’s really good!

On the tea table, there were loquat bought on the road, green tea melon seeds and preserved fruit made of tieguanyin tea on the exquisite fruit plate. After putting on the disc and tasting tea, they began to watch the disc. Unconsciously, the night fell quietly, after dinner, I continued to watch the disc until 1: 00 in the morning. Tiredness came and I went to sleep.

In the morning, the chirping bird woke me up from my dream. Looking at the time, I still had a moment to seven o’clock, but I didn’t feel sleepy, so I simply opened the window, I embraced with the fresh wind, and saw the sun showing a gentle smile, pouring its enthusiasm on the dark green marble windowsill under the floating window. This beautiful scenery made me sleepless, wash it, pour a cup of coffee, sit on the windowsill, look at the green trees outside the window, the golden loquat, deeply absorb the fresh air, how comfortable!

I couldn’t help sighing in my heart: It feels good to go home! I love my home, a small but a little gorgeous home. A warm harbor, a place where people wandering outside come back to avoid wind and rain, I really love my home!

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I love

I haven’t been home for a long time, and enjoy the leisure time alone during…

I love

I haven’t been home for a long time, and enjoy the leisure time alone during…

I love

I haven’t been home for a long time, and enjoy the leisure time alone during…