After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the charm of autumn becomes stronger and stronger. Several friends came to Dagou to see the golden autumn scenery of the ecological leisure garden on one hand; On the other hand, they met Mr. Deming from the water conservancy bureau of the county for his warm invitation. Seeing the different autumn colors, autumn scenery and Autumn charm in the ditch makes people fascinated, intoxicated and unforgettable. If I hadn’t witnessed and experienced it with my own eyes, I didn’t expect that there was such a beautiful Beauty in Qianyang who was not recognized by such a close-minded boudoir.

Dagou is not well-known because few people know it outside. Dagou is famous because there is a Dagou reservoir with 2 million cubic meters of water. The reservoir is located at the junction of Qian Shan and Nanzhai yuan, and is the source of Jiankou River, an important tributary of Qian River. Water conservancy is the lifeblood of agriculture, and those who have good governance of Qin should first control water. S 1970s, Nanzhai original drought, often famine, masses life very difficult. After investigation and demonstration, the county decided to use the power of the whole county to build dams to block water, build canals to level the land and irrigate farmland. In the 1990 s, the original masses encountered difficulties in drinking water again. The government once again invested in work-for-work fund to change the irrigation water of Dagou reservoir for people and animals to drink water. Up to now, Huize has been drinking 2. 40,000 people and over 10,000 head of big domestic animal. The water in the ditch can be called the water of life.

When arriving at the bottom of the reservoir dam, the traces of dam construction and canal repair in the 70s were faintly visible. Agricultural science Dazhai and water conservancy are slogans of the lifeblood, self-reliance and hard struggle of agriculture. Although it has gone through wind and rain, it can also be argued. The history of Dagou reservoir construction is engraved on the stone tablet standing at the head of the canal. Reading the words on this historical monument carefully, the figure of builders and the hot scenes of water conservancy sites in those years appeared in front of me from time to time.

Entering the leisure garden, it looks like a farmyard everywhere. The branches and eaves are covered with golden corn cobs and bright red peppers. Red lanterns-like Persimmon bends the branches. Chickens, geese, dogs, the cat follows you and communicates with you intimately in animal-specific language. You will immediately think of Tao Yuanming’s picturesque landscape, quiet and leisurely return to rural life.

Friends played cards while enjoying the scenery at the bottom of the dam. I climbed to the dam surface of the reservoir alone, and the leisure garden was about away from the dam surface. The poplar trees along the road have fallen out of leaves, showing their straightness and straightness. Standing on the nameless grass under my feet, it was as soft as walking on the carpet, and the fallen leaves made a rhythmic sound with the footsteps under my feet. Suddenly, a piece of blue water came into my sight. I couldn’t help sending out, how beautiful! Sigh.

Standing at the west end of the dam surface, I slightly relieved the rapid and thick breath and heartbeat when climbing the hill. I climbed onto the water-Watching Pavilion at the water outlet of the spillway with high interest. The Pavilion was octagonal and flat top made of cement. At this time, I saw the mountains and rivers when I climbed up. I was in the middle of the water and looked down at the balcony. I felt that there were many trees and trees.

Looking up at the sky, the blue sky seems to be far away. White clouds of different shapes float freely. The sun does not have the scorching heat of summer, and shines on the body with warmth, which makes people very comfortable. Birds circling in the air from time to time, making people feel the existence of life in the silence. A kind of deep Forest and Bird Music, the experience of dust, distant bamboo and pine comes spontaneously.

Overlooking the hillside on both sides of the reservoir, the forest is everywhere. The leaves of all kinds of trees are reddish. The sun shines and the autumn wind blows. The whole hillside is rippling like the Red Sea. Wild chrysanthemum and those nameless grass are red, yellow, purple, blue, the pink flowers embellished the autumn in the reservoir area like flowers blooming, and the fragrance of flowers and moist air exudes attractive fragrance. Who says that autumn is sad and lonely since ancient times? I say that autumn is better than spring.

Looking closely at the two sides of the dam, the dam shade is the broad water surface that can not be seen, which can make people feel the unique spirituality of the water. Blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the green water, and even the mountains on both sides are in the water. The water surface is so clean that you can’t see a single debris, only the green ripples gently blown by the autumn wind go far forward. Several white and brown wild ducks played freely and happily on the water surface. Some grabbed small fish and shrimps, and some played underwater with fierce horses. On the sunny surface of the dam, an old riverbed runs across the middle, dividing the riverbed naturally into two parts. From the bottom of the dam to the riverbed of more than 1,000 meters in the leisure park, there are Poplar Forest, tung tree forest, the locust forest and the fields growing crops are separated into blocks, standing on the dam surface and looking towards the south, the patches of autumn Green lead your sight to the distance. The charm of autumn in the sound of water can really intoxicate people.

I was concentrating on my imagination, and there came the call from manager Wei of the leisure park to invite me to dinner. Then I stood up and slowly returned from the dam to the leisure park.

Lunch is of Farm Flavor. After eating it, the population will leave lingering fragrance and endless aftertaste. After a short break, we went back to the city. Along the way, my mind was still immersed in the state of enjoying autumn, thinking that the autumn scenery of Daguo reservoir is so beautiful, and spring must be a good place for outing; Summer here for summer, it must be no worse than Beidaihe; It must be another feeling to come here to watch the snow scene in winter. If people who have lived in the city for a long time want to stay away from the annoyance and noise of the city, and want to be really quiet and idle, Dagou ecological leisure park is a rare choice, which is to go for a outing, or to relieve summer heat, or enjoy autumn or watch snow, I believe you will have a different experience and perception.

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After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the charm of autumn becomes stronger and stronger. Several friends came…


After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the charm of autumn becomes stronger and stronger. Several friends came…


After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the charm of autumn becomes stronger and stronger. Several friends came…