Ambiguity is a kind of ideological trend that can not be exposed in the sun, and it is a kind of hidden disease that bloom into flowers in the dark night. But no matter how beautiful the ambiguity is, it is just an ambiguity after all! It’s hard to be moral. When the song ends, the flowers are gone, and the crystal shoes are faded, Cinderella is just like this.

Now is an era of ambiguity, and many people no longer say love easily because they can’t grasp love. However, at this moment, ambiguity came on stage ceremoniously. Wandering among red men and green women with its unique posture, it satisfies the desire for emotion without having to bear the burden of emotion! Because you don’t love freedom, because you don’t love gathering and scattering, you will become clear and clear! How close is ambiguity, how far is love. In fact, ambiguity is a manifestation of irresponsibility! Since you don’t love it, why do you need to be ambiguous? Is it just because of a moment of loneliness? Or do two people dance together and then rush for something? If you love someone, you must speak out bravely, and then face the ups and downs of life together with your harmonic hands. If you don’t love someone, please put away your ambiguity and go your own way, even if it is accidental encounter, it is just a faint greeting to the heart.

Sometimes I often think, what provides living space for ambiguity? Are those people determined to carry out ambiguity to the end? Is it the progress of society that wastes the desert of love? Or the endless pursuit of true love has evolved into a game of love! Ambiguity is just a lie, an illusion, a paralysis and deception of oneself. People who love you will not choose to be ambiguous with you, and people who are ambiguous with you may not love you.

Love needs a clear attitude and clear black and white. Love is also accompanied by a kind of responsibility, which means giving! So if you don’t love it, please put away your ambiguity. Don’t do ambiguous business under the guise of love.

Some people say that ambiguity is a fourth kind of emotion which is a little more than love and a little less than love! So many people in the besieged city chose this way to wander in real life! Ambiguity, to put it bluntly, is just a game between adults. Because it is a game, you can’t take it seriously or be serious. You can’t take it for granted to turn ambiguity into love. Otherwise, if you are a fool, you will be hurt completely and your heart will be full of wounds! Because it is a game, participants should always remember the rules of the game. Once they violate it, they will be eliminated ruthlessly.

Ambiguity opens the door for freedom to come and go, because no love can not be taken seriously or taken seriously. I know that there are too many loyal supports for ambiguity in the vast world. Before the relationship is clear, there is nothing wrong with throwing a stone to ask for directions with ambiguity! However, if you are afraid of taking responsibility, you will only be ambiguous. Love is nothing but creating an ethereal wind, flowers, snow and moon. What benefits do you have with others and yourself?

Being ambiguous and ambiguous is just a psychological game played by two people with excellent psychological qualities. Because of loneliness, they are ambiguous. They dance together in a beautiful dance. After the end of the song, people will be separated and the eyes will be full of beauty and beauty! When ambiguity meets love, it is doomed to be a catastrophe. The fallen flowers are intentional, and the flowing water is ruthless. In vain, it is like the wild peach blossom, no one appreciates it even if it is in full bloom.

The love that people pursue is the tacit understanding of each other’s heart. It is the feeling of two little without guessing, the companionship of sharing weal and woe, and the happiness of hand in hand.

Love really has nothing to do with ambiguity. Love is a kind of understanding, tolerance and responsibility! If you don’t love it, please put away your ambiguity. Don’t let the warmth shake your eyes and confuse your heart.

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Ambiguity is a kind of ideological trend that can not be exposed in the sun,…


Ambiguity is a kind of ideological trend that can not be exposed in the sun,…


Ambiguity is a kind of ideological trend that can not be exposed in the sun,…