I am used to holding a cigarette with my middle finger and ring finger, seeing that the smoke is like a Blue Dream, which is quiet with me alone.


For a long time, I have been an unpredictable person. What I like is always uncertain things like rain, snow, wind and cloud.

The rain is clear and carefree, the snow is fresh and quiet, listening to the wind is relaxing and refreshing, and watching the clouds is free.

It seems to be a poetic preference, but I understand that for me, the reason is loneliness. Yes. Loneliness has already evolved into a habit in the passing of time day by day. Is poet temperament? It is a kind of sad.

At the dead of night, I lay on the narrow bed with my eyes open, and the sorrow in my heart would spread and grow. Vaguely saw the past, vaguely heard memories. Scenes of the past suddenly raging in the silence of the night.

She’s OK?

Apart for so long, we rarely meet each other. The pain of wishful thinking melted in the night, like moonlight. Probably there won’t be any results, probably, there is no need for any results. After all, she only I am as a friend or brother. That’s all.

Listen to Wang Lihong’s “You are not here”. The transparent and comfortable voice sang that you were not there, happy or sad. You were not there. I would get better secretly if I was hurt, but you had already shed tears when you were not there. My roommates comforted me, but the tears were inexplicable. Perhaps, how serious it is may not come true.


Only? If no one believes it except me, what is the only thing?

. Snow finally came on that day. There are few scattered, and even no clouds can be seen in the sky. Only snow. But I still recalled the heavy snow that swirled in succession the year before last. She accompanied me and strolled on the street. No need to add more decoration, very beautiful. Also very cold. I looked at the cloud, and it flew to the sky she didn’t know just like me.

Bale. Alone, quiet, what’s wrong?

Thinking in a trance, maybe loneliness to me is not only a habit, but also a destiny. A person’s snow is picturesque, and a person’s quietness is like a song. Lonely or. At least, loneliness is not hypocritical. My rhythm should not be hypocritical.

Stretching out his hand, he wanted to hold permanent, but he forgot again that it was snowflake.

Looking up, I wanted to enjoy the night sky, but it was blurred again. This was tears.

A one-man show, a single scene. I am always just a supporting role, the only supporting role, licking and wiping scars in a quiet corner. Perhaps, this is the distance between me and her.

At least, you are your true self, even if you are lonely.

I think she is stronger than me. She failed twice in the college entrance examination, and I cried for her.

I AM wrote these words according to my friend’s appointment. Originally, I didn’t want to write feelings, which was boring, but what about others? I think it is dirty. By contrast, there is no way. What’s more, she is always in my heart.

She said her world was a lost paradise. I didn’t know how to respond before, but now I gradually understand that the best response is a smile: to make her simple enough not to care about my sad smile. Now I chose to retreat, and then I realized that the best way to relieve the pain was to hide myself secretly in the darkness.


As I said, she is a princess, I am a poet, and he is a prince. After all, my disappearance will not attract her attention. I’m not him.

The world is formed by countless coincidences.

But the so-called coincidence is often not fate.

. Who will know whether the cloud is wandering alone, free and comfortable or aimless.

And who cares

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I am used to holding a cigarette with my middle finger and ring finger, seeing…


I am used to holding a cigarette with my middle finger and ring finger, seeing…


I am used to holding a cigarette with my middle finger and ring finger, seeing…