The most painful thing is not the separation of love, but the world of relatives.

When I was four and a half years old, I took my hand on the road of the strawberry pit and took me to the school to sign up. My name was Grandma.

Remember? I bite the pen and write, and you will always nag beside me. You will tell me to write well and not bite the pen, otherwise I will not go to school in the future. Remember? When I was six years old, I couldn’t tell the left and right sides of the shoes. You took the shoes and asked me to wear them while saying, “I will learn to wear shoes by myself when I grow up. I am such a big person. Remember? You will often joke and tell me that when I grow up, let me find someone to marry. You also said that you must have watched me get married. You also said, let me make money with Lingmei and turn the house over again. But you didn’t keep your promise. But you didn’t have time to say goodbye to us, and even didn’t see The Last Face.

I still remember that we quarreled because of my eldest brother’s business in the past. It was our fault that made you sad. I still remember that in the third year of junior high school, in order to make me have a good reading environment, my younger siblings were not allowed to quarrel with me. Sorry to let you down. I failed to enter a good school.

Do you still remember the snowy day when I was six? I played with the little swing my father bought for me. It was snowing heavily that day. You said: I bought such a beautiful and fun one. Let me take a photo like that year I put that little swing on my head and let you leave that photo. You always keep that photo!

Although I can meet you every year, I forget to take photos with you again.

Until 08 years new year, that year lot of snow, sister with the camera back, but because of snow I don’t answer, lost with you photographic opportunity. My sister brought it back and saw you laughing so happily at the camera. I’m very happy. I’m sorry that I couldn’t go home and take photos with you.

Do you still remember last May Day? Your third granddaughter is married, very happy, although you are not very happy that your sister married her brother-in-law. But you still agreed with my sister’s choice. You said that as long as she had a good life.

But how could you, how could you leave us without saying goodbye to me, even without even saying hello. You didn’t tell me Happy 20th birthday. Just a few days

For seven months, how are you living in heaven? Ever occur to us. My granddaughter misses you tonight! I said that you are so eccentric. You have a dream for your younger brother. Why didn’t you expect me.

In May, the weather began to get hot. I don’t know what the weather is like there! I know you are always more afraid of heat and cold than others. You always say that we must take good care of ourselves. You always say that we should eat more. You always say that if we have money, we should spend more, but we should not spend it on useless things. But you didn’t take good care of yourself, but you always gave us good food, but you were reluctant to spend money on yourself. You left without any blessing. But do you know? My unfilial granddaughter really misses you so much.

Wrote to heaven of grandma

The following is for my current family members

Wrote to Father

Someone wrote that my father was my daughter’s lover in her previous life in the beautiful article of mobile phone, but I was thinking that my father had two daughters, my sister and me, so there were only two lovers, does my father look so flowery in his previous life?

When I was a child, I always shouted that I wanted to ride a horse. My name was dad. The person who always brought me spicy food late at night when I was young, the person who supported our family’s economy. You have worked hard. You never care about your injury, and you always want us to eat and sleep well. I remember that in the first year of junior high school, you were injured in a taxi accident! At that time, I didn’t understand. I knew the news of your hospitalization but couldn’t go to see you. You said you wanted me to study hard. Later, you left the hospital with the red potion all over your body. At that time, your injury was not completely cured. In order not to spend too much money, you left the hospital in advance. But I also made you angry and let you run after me in the courtyard.

I still remember that once I went out to my classmate’s house and didn’t tell my family that you went out to find me in the middle of the night and looked for me with a flashlight all the way from home. As a result, your toes were hurt. After you went back, you gave me a hard beating, and you still wanted to continue beating. I said you should be killed! You stop! After that, you taught me and then you told others that I made you angry and funny at that time.

Remember? Once I stole my mother’s pearl necklace and took it to the river to play. I accidentally dropped it into the river. I couldn’t salvage it. I was so scared that I went back to call you here, but you didn’t find it after fishing for a long time. It was so hot that you lifted me up and said fiercely that you really wanted to throw me into the river. At that time, I was really scared by you and thought you really didn’t want me.

07 years for some reason, your side body start numb, can not be forced. However, you still comforted us that it was nothing. If you told us to make money outside at ease, there was nothing to be careful at home. You said nothing.

Wrote to his mother

The man who liked me since childhood was disobedient and didn’t want to learn, so he beat the man I called my mother with a bamboo stick. The man who always works hard for the family is the father who supports the family economy, but the mother who maintains the family is you. I don’t know how many times you have been angry and how many times you have been worried. I am always willing to tell you my troubles, and you will tell me how to do it later if I choose. You always hope that we can live a good life. You will also be the same as my father said. Everything is fine at home. Don’t worry. We will take good care of ourselves, but you forgot to tell me that your hypertension has been committed. But you just said you don’t have to worry about taking good care of your family outside.

Wrote to sister

The woman, who was five and a half years older than me, was scolded every time when she quarreled and fought since she was a child. I still remember that when I was a child, I carried water, your big bucket, and I followed you with the small bucket. I still remember that you went to the streets and didn’t let me follow me to make you hide everywhere. Do you still remember that I didn’t go to a key high school, and they cried together? There are too many things about the woman named sister. I only envy her. I always take her as an example. The girl named sister taught me a lot. The woman I called once supported our whole family. Sister, you have worked hard. Now you should be happy. My brother-in-law said he would try his best to make you happy.

Wrote to a man

In my 21 years, you are the least ten fingers accompanying me. You can count the days we spent together. Thank you for chatting with me for the past six months. I hope I can have you in the future.


I just suddenly felt homesick. I didn’t want to feel too much sad in this May. After I had a phone call with my family, I really thought that their fingers were flying with the words on the mobile phone buttons.

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The most painful thing is not the separation of love, but the world of relatives.…


The most painful thing is not the separation of love, but the world of relatives.…


The most painful thing is not the separation of love, but the world of relatives.…