[Editor’s note]: The heart is the main body of human beings. It is the heart that forms a harmonious society and the heart that makes us rest accordingly. It is a small topic, which can also reflect the boundless love. Taking the class meeting as an opportunity, the article discusses his own views and ethics on filial piety. It would be better if the article could strengthen the argument.

Today, our class held a class meeting about five hearts: love, care, loyalty, filial piety and confidence.

I mainly talked about my opinion on filial piety. At the class meeting, the host asked the classmates to send a text message to their parents. I didn’t send it. Why? Because I have some opinions on my filial piety, of course, there are some similarities between this and the host’s views.

I admit that a little care for parents made by children will make parents happy for a long time, but if it is too frequent, it seems not so real, even if some people really reach their hearts, just as people often say that things are more expensive than rare, they feel that they are not expensive if they say too much. Of course, doing more is different. I think I have enough to say, so I didn’t send a text message, because we have discussed this topic before, and I have been talking about it since then, from the beginning to the present natural state. Every time I call, I will say it. In fact, another reason why I don’t send this message is that I think my parents are a little different from others (or they are all the same, but I didn’t find them). They think it is embarrassing to say too much.

Besides, I would like to talk about my own views on Bi Shumin’s “filial piety is priceless. The following is a passage of “filial piety is priceless.

I also don’t like the wandering people whose parents are seriously ill in bed and leave resolutely, no matter how many reasons you have. The Earth still rotates without anyone, and it is not necessary to exaggerate personal power to an incredible degree. When an old man was dying, it was a great disrespect to life to cut off his last wish in the world and walk far away in loneliness with despair.

I believe that every sincere and honest child once made a great wish of filial piety to his parents in the bottom of his heart. I believe that the coming day will grow, and that it will come true. I believe that I will have the day when I return home with success and fame, and I can. It is a pity that people forget the cruelty of time, the short time of life, the kindness that can never be repaid in the world, and the vulnerability that life itself is vulnerable.

My parents left with deep concern for us. My parents left, leaving us the mood of returning for free forever. You will never be filial.

There are some things that we couldn’t understand when we were young. When we understand, we are no longer young. There are some things in the world that can be made up, and some things can never be made up.

Bi Shumin thinks that we should show filial piety in time. However, I think it should be divided into groups or age groups. After all, my present age differs greatly from Bi Shumin’s writing age.

Why are they divided into groups? Let me roughly divide it into urban people and rural people! The city people here are not absolute, probably refers to a higher standard of living! Rural people probably refer to the extent to which the life is high or low. Let alone the relatively high living material level of urban people, they prefer spiritual satisfaction, therefore, for urban people, Bi Shumin’s words are quite Philosophical. However, for rural people, this principle is not so suitable, because rural people’s material living standard is relatively low, and the first need is not met, where can we meet the second need? Therefore, for rural people, they may not expect the companionship of their children so much. Of course, it does not mean that they do not need it, but only that the first need is met before the second need is urgently needed, after all, under years of poor days, I have always had a wish that I don’t have to worry about food and clothing any more. Now this requirement has not been met, even if I have children to accompany me, then he might think it would be better to take more money, so this is what I want to say is divided into urban people and rural people.

As for the issue of this age group, regardless of the age limit, I will recall it in the future to see if my opinion has changed.

To sum up, I think everyone’s filial piety should be based on the understanding of parents, which is the first thing. Only after understanding can we carry out further filial piety, I hope you can learn more about your parents!

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