With tears

My sister was engaged, and I fell in love. On the phone, I held back my tears to congratulate her. I could imagine my sister’s happy little woman, just like me at the beginning. Now it seems that it is really a satire.

Astringent first love, a beautiful mistake

I fell in love with you in the second year of junior high school. It was my first love. At that time, you also liked me. I would rather believe that this was a very simple love, beautiful and innocent, just like crystal. But if time can go back, I hope I have never met you, because this is the beginning that makes me hopeless.

We went to the same school in senior high school. The difference was that we chose science and liberal arts, which made us estranged from each other. Therefore, our world changed a lot. Time really has too much magic. Maybe you have stopped loving me since high school, but I am still waiting persistently and cautiously.

In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, I missed you crazily. I thought of crying and slept when I was tired of crying. I dare not inquire about your news, afraid of disappointment, and would rather live with a stupid fantasy.

Maybe it was God who pitied me, a little girl who was crazy about love. We were admitted to the same city in college. Although we were not in the same school, we were not far away from each other. At this time, I had to believe in fate. I decided to be brave for my love. I contacted you on my own initiative. Hearing your familiar voice on the phone, I also heard my heartbeat, which was even more moved by joy.

However, from your QQ space, I saw another woman, the beautiful woman you love deeply. At that moment, I was so desperate. After several struggles, I finally decided to let go and no longer stick to the persistence for many years. I cried, I really cried for you.

Tell yourself that in this life, we are destined to be two parallel lines, and there will be no intersection.

The pain is to the extreme, do you still want to continue to love?

Just when I was about to forget your special identity for me, you asked for our love to come back. I am not stupid and I am not stupid either. I know that you just fell out of love and haven’t walked out of the shadow of falling out of love. Maybe you just borrowed me to heal your wounds. I understand that even if the ending is not what I want. But still willing to fly moths to the fire.

This love, which was wrong in my heart from the beginning, was wrongly carried on my shoulder. I ignored my endurance and finally only made myself scarred.

. Because I love you so much, I don’t ask you too much. Even if your boyfriend doesn’t fulfill his obligations, I don’t blame you too much. When we were in love, her photos were still kept in your space encryption album, and my photos were defined as classmates by you, and my sweet message to you, you deleted it without mercy. I don’t know what you are escaping from. Don’t you know this is a serious harm to me? But you still don’t want to let go of any chance to stab me, and the wound is undisguised.

Our relationship is not happy. I comfort myself again and again. Maybe if you stick to it, you will fall in love with me again. But facts proved that I was too naive. We are not like any lovers who make several phone calls and N text messages a day; The movies worth watching will spend two hours in the lovers box; Some representative festivals will go to romance together. None of these have happened. You have been perfunctory with us for six years and old wives over and over again. I don’t want to argue anything, and I’m afraid it will bring you burden.

I never thought that I would fall in love with someone so humbly.

You don’t love me at all. I have been living in my imagination. This is not love. Love should not be paid unilaterally. I can’t accommodate myself any more, otherwise, I will only be bloody in this relationship.

Dignity of love

Decide to break up, or hope to ask you the last question whether you love me or not? Than ever. Oh, thank you for your honesty, but you must admit that these two words are like sharp knives passing through your heart fiercely, bloody. The pain was so painful that I was about to suffocate. This pain was like scraping the bone to heal the wound, not because of separation, but because of sadness. The man I loved for six years finally cheated me. He didn’t love me, but made me sink deeper and deeper in this emotional whirlpool, unable to help myself.

A few days after breaking up, I lived like a walking corpse. I was so heartbroken that I was going to die, but I still smiled heartily.

Now I finally realize that love is not the necessity of life, dignity is!

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With tears

My sister was engaged, and I fell in love. On the phone, I held back…

With tears

My sister was engaged, and I fell in love. On the phone, I held back…

With tears

My sister was engaged, and I fell in love. On the phone, I held back…