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Rich dad in “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” said that financial business has nothing to do with how much money you earn. Financial business is an indicator to measure how much money you can keep and how long you can let the money work for you. This sentence repeated chewing, intriguing.

Financial businessmen are as important as EQ Investors. Everyone has his own financial management method. There is no best but the most suitable one. Some people advocate accumulating less and getting more, and collecting armpits into fur coat; Some people advocate increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, maintaining and increasing value; Some people advocate return on investment and making money with money. I always agree with one sentence: If you don’t manage money, you will be ignored. Because money is like food, when you have enough food, you will never think of it. However, once you lose, you can’t consider anything else at all.

In fact, many people are not very clear about what financial management is and how to deal with it. What is money? It lies in the scientific, planned and systematic management and arrangement of personal and family wealth.

There is such a Bible story: before a king traveled far away, he gave each of the three servants a ingot of silver and commanded: you go to do business and come to see me when I come back. When the King came back, the first servant reported: Master, I have earned 10 ingots of silver you gave me. So the king rewarded him with 10 cities; The second servant reported: Master, you gave me a ingot of silver, and I earned 5 ingots. So King reward him 5 cities; Third servant report: Master, you gave me a small ingot of silver, I remain wrapped in towels in fear of loss, no and take out. Therefore, the King ordered to reward the third servant’s ingot of silver to the first servant, and said: if there is anything, give it to him to make him rich; But if there is nothing, even what he had must be taken away. American scholar Morton named this social psychological phenomenon Matthew effect the poorer the poor, the richer the rich.

Everyone wants to live a better life and have no worries about food and clothing. They don’t have the pressure of buying a house, buying a car, education, medical care and old-age care. Saying goes: ren wu yuan lv, bi you jin you. If you are not good at financial management and planning, you will definitely fall into financial dilemma. The only money in our hands becomes more and the surplus money is increased, which makes us no longer worry about our livelihood, and makes our life well-fed. I have several experiences in my life to share with you:

1. Financial management concept: attach importance to thoughts and implement actions. In fact, financial management is very simple. It is as simple as squeezing out 100 yuan every month when the child is born. Assuming that the annual return on investment is 12%, the child can become a multimillionaire at the age of 60.

2. Make a comprehensive plan:

(1) career plan. Occupation is the main source of income. When making personal financial plan, you should first plan your own occupation. When choosing a career, you must first evaluate your personality, ability, interest and values correctly, and finally determine the goal of the workers and the plan to achieve this goal.

(2) consumption and savings plan. Determine how much the annual income is used for current consumption and how much is used for savings. The supporting task is to compile balance sheet, annual income and expenditure and budget table, so as to have a bottom in mind.

(3) debt plan. Debt includes mortgage to buy a house and a car. This plan is a very important aspect in family finance, because it is directly related to the quality of life.

(4) insurance plan. The uncertainty of life requires you to buy insurance. With the success of your career, you have more and more fixed assets. At this time, you need property insurance and personal credit insurance. In order to deal with diseases and other accidental injuries, you also need medical insurance. In order that your children can still live happily after you leave, you need to manage your money reasonably and let your money make money.

(5) investment plan. When our deposit increases, the most urgent thing is to find a kind of investment portfolio, which can give consideration to profitability, security and liquidity. There are mainly two types of investable types for financial management. The main types of financial investment are savings, stocks, funds, futures, foreign exchange, gold and trust. Non-financial investment types mainly include: real estate, industrial investment, auction, pawn, collection, etc. Successful investors should choose them properly according to their own characteristics.

3. Perseverance: money has time value. Today’s 1 yuan is always worth more than tomorrow’s 1 yuan. If you save and invest one more day in advance, you will have one more chance than others, using the magical compound interest effect again, after decades, you will find that even if you invest early for only three or five years, your wealth will be dozens of times more than others under the same principal. Everyone needs to invest, and anyone can invest. The most important thing of investment is not whether you have money or not, but whether you have the idea of investment and whether you can accumulate over time. Regular fixed investment fund starts from 200 yuan and one-time investment fund starts from 1000 yuan. You can make a deal by buying 100 shares properly. As long as you are willing, wealth will come to you. If you stick to it for 10 or 20 years, you will see that the accumulation of wealth is beyond your imagination.

In fact, financing is not a difficult thing. What is difficult is that you cannot make up your mind to manage money. Family needs planning, money needs care, and destiny needs to be changed by oneself.

If you don’t manage money, you don’t care about money. If you only go to work every day and live a comfortable life in a group, you will never have a higher starting point. The key to becoming rich is the ability to capture opportunities. Poor dad told him never to speculate in stocks or futures, which was too risky, while rich dad told him to learn the ability to control risks.

Each person has different situations, each family has its own key points, judges the situation, varies from person to person, and finds the best financial management method suitable for himself.

If you don’t manage money, you will be ignored. Financial management starts today.

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You don’t

Rich dad in “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” said that financial business has nothing to do…

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