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I have always considered myself as a fool in the teaching team. In the teaching career of wise men, they sang all the way, creating glory. When they had flowers and applause, I often cast envious eyes, and then I read the story of “turtle-rabbit race” silently, I hope that stupid turtle can awaken my sleeping wisdom. On the gray road of teaching, I tried hard to crawl forward, making myself covered with gray, but I was happy. Here, I would like to talk about a little bit of my feelings during my crawling process.

I am an art teacher. First, I will tell you a story related to mathematics:

Once a math teacher asked a student: Three people divided a banana, two of them divided half, and how much could another person divide? The student said: banana peel. The teacher said angrily: this is not a clever question, but a math class. The student whispered: 1/3. The teacher suppressed the anger and slowly guided: Three people were divided into three apples, two of them were divided into one, and the other was divided into how much? The student said: I don’t know. The teacher was so angry that he looked at the student with his beard blowing and staring at him. The student said, “teacher, don’t you always teach us how to share pears? Why do you insist on me sharing banana apples today? Don’t laugh. Things like this often happen in our class.

I remembered that when I stood on the platform for the first time, I shivered a bit even though I had never had stage fright. I always feel that the children’s bright big eyes are examining me, criticizing me and evaluating me. I am very scared. At that I am, I took the lesson of “road team sign”. Before the lesson, I carefully made a standard rectangular road team sign, and I brought it into the classroom to make samples, children gave a series of exclamations to my impeccable works. Wow, these exclamations are like pieces of honey melting in my heart, sweet. I finally realized that those pairs of eyes were not examining, picky and evaluating, But longing, trust and worship. As a teacher, I am very proud of it. A little bit of investment before class can make myself an idol worshiped by children. After class, I read the children’s decent works one by one, which made me feel a little sense of accomplishment. At that time, I didn’t realize that I had been teaching children to draw pears. Just when I was proud of it, a piece of work with dull handwriting and irregular appearance jumped into my eyes. My mouth was askew and I marked a difference on the exercise book without hesitation. OK, there are not many such rubbish works, and I am secretly lucky. At that time, I didn’t realize that apple and banana were the greatest inventions of children.

One day I was learning “new art curriculum standard”, and there were two words appearing with high frequency and innovation. I suddenly realized something. Innovation is like a challenger insulting me. I re-examined that bunch of excellent works, where is there any innovation? It is simply a multiple birth with genetic overload. That piece of rubbish, which was thrown into the cold Palace by me, looked at me timidly. Among the numerous brothers with multiple births, it suddenly appeared so outstanding, just like Monk Tang walked into the country of daughter. I finally found its cuteness. Its cuteness came from breaking the old rectangular matrix and adding some unique temperament. I can’t help sighing that apple banana is really rare. Since then, I had an unprecedented feeling for innovation, so I injected this feeling into the classroom. In art teaching, I finally realized that it was not easy for children to create art, because most of their homework was used to copying. In this way, after a period of time, children’s creativity gradually weakens in copying, and they have become accustomed to copying others’ mode. Therefore, when setting up questions for them to create, the children were in a hurry to find information to make a piece of work. Such development will only make students become people who stick to the rules, lack personality and imagination. No matter how excellent the trained students are, they can only be artisans. In other words, the trained students can only divide pears, not apples and bananas.

Two weeks later, I saw the distinctive road signs of each class, which were plant-shaped, animal-shaped, and cartoon-shaped. Looking at these unique works in the world, those children suddenly became great inventors in my eyes, but I was their teacher. I was really happy, while the teacher who taught me appreciation and evaluation was “new art curriculum standard”. So I decided to continue reading

After I was transferred to middle school, I found that the children were particularly nervous about learning. Under the pressure of entering a higher school, the phenomenon of overemphasizing the subject Center is obvious. Art is a small subject, which naturally does not get the attention of schools, students and parents. Children are locked up in the classroom all day long, almost isolated from the outside world, without rich life experience, children’s works completely lost their vitality. Facing this phenomenon, I am couldn’t do anything.

In a study of “new art curriculum standard”, I was attracted by a passage that art is an important part of human culture and is closely related to social life, therefore, art learning is not only a simple training of skills and techniques, but also a kind of cultural learning. Maybe influenced by this passage, I also deliberately read more books. During the learning process, I found that poetry and painting had an indissoluble bond. Liu Zongyuan’s “Jiang Xue” is full of painting, and the composition of scatter perspective gives readers the space of free association, thus making the content of the picture infinitely rich. Zhang Shun’s name in Song Dynasty said in painting record: Poetry is invisible painting, and painting is tangible poetry. It can be seen that in the minds of ancient Chinese literati, poetry and painting are similar. With such a theory, I read more ancient poems and also learned to write rhythm poems. I can’t enrich children’s boring life. I can only enrich my own personal life by constantly reading books and then share it with children.

In “Art comes from life, higher than life”, I didn’t talk about the painting art of Qi Baishi and Dong Xiwen in China at the beginning, nor about Cezanne in France and Van Gogh in Holland, it starts from daily life and leads students to understand the life art of those art masters slowly. Dewey said education was life, while Tao Xingzhi said life was education. I deeply feel this. After Tomb Sweeping Day, I asked the students to talk about what they saw, heard and thought. At the beginning, the students were not active, so I filled in two words, one is “recalling Qin ‘E Tomb Sweeping Day”, I wrote carefully on the blackboard and told the children that it was created by me. The children suddenly came up with spirit and admired them very much. I talked about my feelings and the scene of worshiping ancestors to the children, and also showed the paintings I matched for the two words. The children were as if they were on the scene. The reappearance of this scene also stirred up the children’s desire for creation. Unexpectedly, every time I went to class, the children would ask me if I had written poems, arguing about painting for my poems, so every time I walked into the classroom, it seemed that the outside Sunshine also came in, and the dull classroom suddenly became fresh. In order not to let the children down, I also kept learning, observing life more and experiencing life. I wrote it down as soon as I felt it. At the end of the semester, I wrote six novels and more than 30 poems. There are works like life, emotion, words and deeds, academic research, will, aesthetics, affairs, cultivation and scenery, all of which are painted by children. These words of mine were all finished under the supervision of the children. Although they were not as good as famous works, they were relatively close to the students’ life, and the children were also skillful in drawing. Although the brushwork of their works is still relatively immature, their learning is happy and relaxing. After a long time, I found that there were more and more children around me, not only in class, but also outside class. Many children liked literature, there were always some children who shyly handed me some words to ask me for guidance, and asked me to help them modify the paintings they matched for the article. Thinking of these, I am really happy. Teaching and learning is really a wonderful thing. I am happy in giving students happiness and improve myself in improving students’ value.

Every autumn harvest season, there is no my name on the bright red honor list, because I am teacher Xiao Ke, I am not lost. I know that as a teacher, we should have a good attitude. Candles and silkworms are our portrayal, and dedication is the bounden duty of teachers, regardless of major or minor. Once on my way to school, I met graduated students who still remembered my name and last name. They told me: teacher, it is really easy and happy to study with you, and you also learned a lot. You taught us how to distinguish right from wrong, how to express our emotions with pens, and how to use pens to describe our blueprint for the future, how to write my own life at that moment, I really feel that I have a lot.

In my opinion, teachers should not only be teachers, but not Chinese teachers. Maths teachers teach maths. Art teachers teach Fine Arts. Every teacher should be a school so that your students can graduate. Teachers should not only have a beautiful campus, but also have a rich collection of books, and also have attractive courses, so that children can continue to study in this school; For teachers, reading and learning is the most natural and calm research method. How broad the vision of reading is, how high the realm of teaching is. Reading books of subjects and majors can improve the strength, reading books of education and art can add vitality, and reading books of cultural cultivation can add charm. Only in this way can the students we teach not only divide pears but bananas and apples. When sukhomlinski talked about the educational quality of teachers, he warned reading, reading and reading again over 10,000 yuan. Use reading to improve yourself, and use reading to feed back teaching. Reading is the most classic alternative lesson preparation and the most feasible shortcut to the end of the South for teachers’ wisdom growth.

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