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Miss grandpa four King Gee Chang

Inscription: Uncle Tang called and said that he came up with a commemorative brochure on the fourth anniversary and asked me to write some commemorative words. On the day of the promise, thoughts surged, and the grass was slightly written. It is hard to know whether it is. Although the things mentioned were trivial, we could get a glimpse of the fourth master’s life. At the end of the article, I only thought about what Uncle Zhong had entrusted, and also expressed my yearning for fourth master. This remember.

The official evaluation of the death of fourth master was that our party lost a good party member and a good cadre. But for the relatives of our family, what they left are memories and thoughts that we can never forget.

When I was young, I often heard from my parents that fourth Master was the only scholar in our village before liberation. When it comes to scholar, it actually means graduating from junior high school. But there were few people who could read the books of that era and graduated from junior high school, and even few people like the remote places in their hometown. It was said that on the day when he published the list for the fourth master, Murakami was very busy, beating gongs and drums, setting off firecrackers and hanging red. Later, the fourth Master joined the underground party in the teaching process and stepped on the road of revolution.

When I was in primary school, the villagers said that the fourth master was an official in the county, but the official was not too young! But the first time I saw grandpa four, it made my hair uncomfortable. It was the unprecedented Great Cultural Revolution that defeated fourth master as a capitalist roader and locked him in the cowshed. One day, in the small town where I went to school, I found that the fourth master and a dozen other capitalist roaders were called by a group of revolutionary young generals to drink and wander around the street, and everyone wore a high hat with paper paste on his head, the fourth master hung the sign of Wang Zhichang, the authority who took the road of capitalism on his chest, and his name was still red. I saw the fourth master walking in the front, holding a small gong in his hand and saying in his mouth. Dang, Dang, dang! My name is Wang Zhichang, Dang, dang! Sanqing League member Guomindang, Dang, dang! As the director of grain bureau, Dang, Dang, dang! Anyone who wants to knock down will be knocked down. At that time, he was young and didn’t understand politics. Seeing the scene that fourth master’s body was destroyed and his personality was insulted, he was just unhappy. Later, when I grew up slowly and read history, I realized that it was a funny historical mistake. Later, when I chatted with the fourth master about that period of history, the fourth master looked calm and did not seem to bear any grudge.

Because of my mother’s long-term indoctrination, fourth master has always been my lofty idol. After I took part in the work, my mother often told me that working outside should be as good as your fourth master, be good at suffering losses, be tolerant of others, and be steady in doing things. Although my mother’s words were plain, the image of fourth Master in my heart was growing higher and higher. I really listened to the fourth Master’s instruction when I was the deputy secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection. At that time, fourth master had retired from the post of the chief of united front work of the county Party committee. One day he called me to his office, asked me to sit down and made me a cup of green tea in person. He said: fourth master is going to retire soon. You are the rising star of our family. Do a good job and strive for our Wang family! He also told me a lot of principles of dealing with people and his life experience. I kept it firmly in my mind, which became the basic criterion for me to do things later.

There are some interesting things in reality. There were three directors in our village, namely fourth master, brother Wang Xian and I. Fourth Master was the director before the 1980 s, and brother Wang Xian was the director before the 1990 s, I was after the 1990 s. Interestingly, all of us have worked in Qinghua town. When I was working in Qinghua, those old comrades told me the story of the fourth master when he was working in Qinghua as soon as they heard the I am of Renchi people. The clearest thing I remembered was that the fourth master was very eloquent and spoke very well, it was said that the fourth master gave a report, and the people who attended the meeting were fascinated by it. After the meeting, the people who were suffocating formed a long line in the toilet waiting for the release. Up to now, it is still popular to attend Wang Zhichang’s meeting in Qinghua, just like listening to the jingle of Ren Zhe’s opera. Therefore, the fourth master has many friends in Qinghua. I remembered that when I was in charge of Qinghua, I dealt with a cadre of town-run enterprises. This cadre finally found the fourth master to intercede for him. That was the summer of 1989. The fourth master came to my 9 square meters home for the first time and said some common words. I saw that the fourth master had something to say, so I asked the fourth master what I needed to do, although said. The fourth master finally spoke out the matter of dealing with cadres. I gave the fourth master a step at that time, but the matter was still carried out according to the decision at that time. Later, the fourth master also understood the reason and understood me. According to brother Wang Xian, the fourth master praised me, saying that I could stick to the principle in doing things and was a good successor of the Wang family. After hearing this, I thanked the fourth master from the bottom of my heart.

The fourth master was praised not only for his work outside, but also for doing crops. In the 70s of the last century, the whole family of uncle in the lobby were left in the countryside when the farmer was transferred to the non-agricultural sector. After the rural areas were assigned to households, the fourth master would go back to his hometown to harvest for Uncle Tang every summer. One summer, it attracted a lot of people to stop their work and watch the fourth master raise the stage. At that time, the fourth Master was the head of the United Front Work Department of the county Party committee. I don’t know if the young man joked that he saw the fourth Master was the head of the United, unite everyone to him.

Although the fourth master has been away for many years, he has never forgotten the homeland where he was raised. I remember that in the 70s, he just restored the position of director of County Grain Bureau. At that time, I was an accountant in the village. He often went back to the village to guide cadres to adjust the industrial structure and develop industrial and sideline production. At that time, the county advocated the development of rape production, so he selected the production team in his hometown to guide the work in person. Later, the rape production of our team has always been the advanced model of the city and county.

Fourth master’s family affection for his hometown relatives is very precious. No matter who has a marriage, funeral and marriage, as long as he can get away, he will participate in it himself. If he can’t be present, he will have to do it. My parents passed away. Ordinarily, he was an elder. He was old and could not come back, but he still came back to mourn and gave me great comfort in my heart. Every time I think of the benefits of the fourth master to me, I am moved to know what to say.

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