No matter

The scene of crazy running when I was a child was absent-minded last night, in a flash, the children of classmates and friends called my uncle

I heard who got married a few days ago. I don’t know how many classmates and friends are left to accompany me in loneliness. When I first received good news from my friends, I always said, buddy, what’s wrong with you? If you want to get married, there are still a lot of beautiful women in China that deserve our struggle! Maybe he is really helpless, maybe he has found true love. Anyway, he is a parent now, and I am not a senior person. Now I hear who is going to get married, except for the blessings in my heart, there is only a bunch of sense of decline left.

Marriage is an important thing in our hearts. Maybe the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual one. I always hear people around me say, what? He is also married, what? She also got married, and finally she would think of who she married. Is she handsome? Beautiful? Rich? Virtuous? I have been comforting myself with the spirit of Ah Q all the time. What’s the big deal with marriage? Isn’t it just two people, one red book, and one divorce?

Always treat feelings unseriously, lose one and find another, find one and then lose another, always think that there are endless women. When I am really old, what else can I leave? When it comes to being old, I may be alarmist. But time has proved that if you don’t care about him, he doesn’t care about you. I’m a little scared unconsciously. Now think about it. Some of the old man’s words are right. Those words I disdain are really right. Mom’s nagging is also from the heart, not casually.

First, I saw what my brother wrote. I am waiting for you in the way of staying still. He said that this was the most romantic thing he thought of. I tried to feel him. I couldn’t feel him. Who could feel him. I don’t think that is the most romantic thing. I read a little bitterness and sadness

She imagined the future days in her heart, just like what a girl told me. She thought of her and my future days. She said that I was cooking in the kitchen with an apron, she watched TV on the sofa and ate melon seeds. There will always be such a hero on TV who will see his lover’s tears. Just, who am I willing to cook? Only a few people will appreciate the beautiful classical music, and only a few people can understand the profound affair movies. Talented thinkers and litterateurs are always lonely. This is the so-called high and low. Perfect love only exists in the deep heart. The main melody of life is to buy vegetables, go to work, take a walk and make noise.

Some people say that love is worth cherishing.

I said, love doesn’t matter whether it is OR. When you meet the bridge, you will pass it. If you have a car, you will let it go. If she scolds you, you will listen. If you don’t get used to it, you will run away, if you have cheap food, you won’t buy expensive ”’ love is simple

In the future, I will slowly learn to experience, try to be grateful and listen attentively.

Strive for a home earlier!

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No matter

The scene of crazy running when I was a child was absent-minded last night, in…

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The scene of crazy running when I was a child was absent-minded last night, in…

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