It’s really good to live. Don’t care how much money you have. The shock in Wenchuan makes you confused whether you are a beggar or a rich man;

It’s really good to be alive. I don’t know how much power you have. The floor of Wenchuan doesn’t know how many feet of official hat on your head;

Be alive, Mo for worldly possessions, fickleness of troubles, Wenchuan ruins buried many lofty sentiments and aspirations, earthly troubles;

It’s really good to live, please remember every minute of Wenchuan. The surviving life demonstrates the greatness and loftiness of love again!

Please remember that I pray for you all the time, cherish this love, and you will live better.

This is the text I extracted from the May that made us shed too many tears a year ago. Not long ago, I also experienced a slight earthquake. Level 4.3, there was no room falling down, but the sofa I was sitting on shook up without warning. It was very short, only a few seconds, but it was enough to make people panic helplessly.

Now, it is may again! A year later, houses and buildings were rebuilt on the collapsed ruins, and people in the disaster area would still live as usual. Those wounds or touches will be sealed in a corner of our hearts by the years and fade away gradually.

People are always easy to compare their own fortunes or misfortunes from others’ experiences. No natural disasters, won’t feel alive; No hospital, not know health is a blessing. In fact, the earthquake shocked not only Sichuan, but also in our hearts, which made us pay more attention to life in nature.

There is no doubt that we can reorganize rivers and mountains, and we can unite as one! But in that extremely short shake, every individual was so helpless! Therefore, what we can do is to live and cherish life in every ordinary day! In fact, all the sadness, joy and resentment are only between our thoughts. If you like, those walking time can become beautiful scenery. And you don’t have to wait until you pay a heavy price to realize that it’s really good to live!

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It’s really good to live. Don’t care how much money you have. The shock in…


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It’s really good to live. Don’t care how much money you have. The shock in…