I haven’t noticed this kind of rational Plato for a long time. I used to those decadent words in the past. Suddenly, she brought these two words. In fact, I am should be grateful to her. However, it seems that I really can’t do anything else except slightly expressing the words.

Pleasure has always been the embryo of mentality. I have a kind of depression locked in my brows, so happiness and I live on the cliff. But this does not mean that I am not happy. I have counted sunshine, liked stars, and when I saw flowers blooming, I loved laughing. I can’t find any crying face in my photo. Although I don’t have such a gorgeous dimple, I will still slightly look at the corners of my mouth, giving a radian of drunk smile. I was I am sad before, but later, I was still sad.

I only want you to be happy, happy, I transfer sadness to words, so I believe I can bear any pain. As you can imagine, you can see that every time I wake up at midnight, I will touch those coarse marks climbing on the wall. Besides, you seem to forget the books piled up at the bottom of the bed. I am a person who loves reading.

I am still used to thinking about emotional love and rational love. When I was in a daze, I would stare at the Blooming sun. This was hope, and I firmly believed it. I heard the sound of crossing the sea. I thought I could be a very clean lonely person. I saw many things belonging to me were in despair. At that time, I did have a deep taste of corruption, including the body and spirit. The body tightened the spirit, and the spirit numb the body.

I feel they are complementary and contradictory. Well, I have considered many opposite things. Some people used ghosts to scare me before, but at that time it was actually the happiest thing for me, because I had been looking forward to the appearance of real ghosts. With the real ghost, there must be Maoshan Taoist priest with the ancient magic power. Maybe one day I will be a rare talent in martial arts training for thousands of years. I expect weird and evil things to come around me, so I even look forward to ghosts.

But I always firmly believe that good and evil can be rewarded. If I am good, my mind will be stable and comfortable. Evil, at least even if it is smaller than Sesame, it will be like a needle pricked in the chest, very simple, very neat, it will hurt you all your life. Most of the time, I am willing to help, because I can do it, and I will not lack anything if I do it. I believe that God will give me miracles. It seems that I am live with longing.

I also warned myself to be an industrious person. I am afraid of laziness. In fact, too often when you finish one thing and then imagine that you will not do it again, it is self-evident that it makes people more upset if you don’t do it. In fact, I am looking forward to a neat life, although mine has entered a rather twisted track, because I am young, I am never afraid of anything, even if I am old. The hair is as white as snowflakes, and the skin is more wrinkled than balsam pear.

That was inevitable, which proved that I had lived for many years and I had the capital to be proud. I don’t need to live long. I am born naturally and then die healthily. What if you live for hundreds of years? Then you can only watch the people you like and the people you love die, and then you will see many methods about elimination. The most primitive pain will really torture you. It’s better to say. Grasp the present that you can grasp and do something that makes you comfortable.

They said that the biggest pain in the world was regret, which was much more rational than me. I still went back to something about feelings, which, after all, is the noblest possession of human beings. I saw many people crying like a wolf if their relatives left, but I didn’t see their care before my death. They will find some excuses for jobs to rush about to get rid of these shackles, and then some of them will disappear accidentally. And love does not mean that we don’t care about everlasting, nor do we only care about what we once owned. The most important thing for us is now.

We cannot reshape the past, but we cannot figure out the future. We are not gods. Don’t underestimate God’s ability because of our outstanding IQ. Before, I am sad, after that, I was still sad. The setting sun in front of her cannot repeat itself tomorrow. Her color will not freeze because of you. She will act willingly and possess every so-called present color. Because she knows life better than others, many people praise her with articles.

I still try my best to think, even if it is useless and useless thinking, I don’t want to idle my brain, then I will be unnatural and easy to do wrong things. My appetite is several times that of ordinary people. The energy of thinking is huge, including consumption and acquisition. My body is consistent.

I also dreamed about it, but who can lend you wings? Hope, the most primitive driving force of life, these energies all come from now. Don’t say anything about Oath of eternal love, don’t say anything about past pain, these are just a short mentality, they will change because of the change of our mood now.

If you position yourself well, you will naturally flow a river about longing from the bottom of your heart, and your mood will be more natural and thorough than this river. You will be happy and sad because of your every present. This is contradictory, because I always treat sadness well. Even if he doesn’t agree with happiness, sadness has another ingenious power. Many music and operas are the most primitive sources.

Words are endless. I don’t divide the so-called happiness and sadness. I hold the present and have every combination of ups and downs.

Life, in front of him, we are all ordinary and have no reason to complain.

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I haven’t noticed this kind of rational Plato for a long time. I used to…


I haven’t noticed this kind of rational Plato for a long time. I used to…


I haven’t noticed this kind of rational Plato for a long time. I used to…