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Q2: What do you think is true happiness?

Laugh happily every day, no matter whether you laugh or not

Q3: Do you think friendship is important or love is important? Why?

Love and friendship are both important to my chivalrous lady. What a silly question B

Q4: Do you believe that it will last forever?

Well, this question, once firmly believed, in the end, can only be said that some people talk like fart, can’t believe

Q5: Are you happy now?

Sometimes I feel a little happy, but life is really boring. I don’t know which pit happiness will fall

Q6: if there is a secret, will you really tell the other person frankly?

Yes, he is mine, I am his

Q7: Do you like baby?

I don’t like it, but occasionally I really want to be a mother

Q8: Do you think friendship is eternal?

My friend is a real friend, nonsense, of course it will last forever

Q9: How old do you want to get married?

Maybe one day, I will find a man to marry

Q10: will you do something you have never done for TA?

Yes, but don’t violate my principles

Q11: Do you think girls’ curly hair is better or straight hair is better?

Curly hair, feels like a fairy sister, O( _ )O haha ~ I like big waves very much

Q12: where do you want to travel most?

Lijiang, where did the water tempt me

Q13: things that you will never forget in your life?

I hate him for the love without ending

Q14: If you love someone, do you have to try your best to save him?

No, really hurt, I will always turn around, no matter whether I love it or not

Q15: Who is the first person you think of when you see the sky?

It is not a person, but a song, a feeling, I will never forget it in my life, right?

Q16: Will You Love TA for a lifetime?

Yes, as long as I am sure that his heart belongs to me completely

Q17: Who do you like and who do you like? Which one will you choose?

I like it, I like it too much, don’t you even succeed?

Q18: how will you show your love for TA?

Occasionally, I play a little temper to see his anxious appearance (in fact, I am afraid, only in this way can I feel my weight in his heart)

Q19: What would you do if you saw your favorite person sleeping in front of you?

Print a kiss on his forehead

Q20: If you want to beat a person, what do you want that person to be?

Fuck, whoever wants to die will provoke me, it must be him

Q21: Do you regret your decision after meeting?

No, never, I should dare to choose it

Q22; What is the most fascinating thing now?

Spend 4 hours in a row doing exercises on probability and mathematical statistics. There is no answer. It is estimated that I will want to knock against the wall several times and die!

Q23: Are you a good boy?

The appearance is a good girl, the inner is an absolute bad guy, and the essence is a innocent little girl

Q24: Which do you think is important, love or bread?

I hate eating bread the most. Don’t you know? I still ask!!

Q25: what will happen to you if you lose your love

Spend a long time cleaning the memory, forgetting the wound, in a certain night, drunk, finally indulged the last time thinking about him, farewell…

Q26: Who will you help if lovers have conflicts with good friends?

No one is a bird, I love it, I am busy recently, I have no time to worry about such a shit

Q27: are you upset when being lit?

I guess the level is too high, I don’t feel it

Please answer all these questions, come on————–

Who sent you this questionnaire: I can’t write it

How long have you known each other? I don’t know, there is no concept of time.

Is TA important to you? Well, it saved my life, it’s more important

What is your relationship with TA? Platonic relationship

What is TA’s interest? Why is Ultraman so naive?

What do you think of TA’s personality? Well, don’t know

What is TA in your mind? Well, passed

First thing before going to bed? Turn off the computer, miss him

What kind of personality do you hate? Speaking like farting, full of lies

Do you know how to smoke? Later perhaps

Do you know how to drink? Yes, but not a drunkard

Do you often cry? In front of the One I Love

You smile a lot? Basically don’t laugh, but try to make the expression full of Smile

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By dots

Q2: What do you think is true happiness? Laugh happily every day, no matter whether…

By dots

Q2: What do you think is true happiness? Laugh happily every day, no matter whether…

By dots

Q2: What do you think is true happiness? Laugh happily every day, no matter whether…