Senior Three

Inscription: this is our quiet campus. Standing in the corridor in the evening and looking down at the campus, I unconsciously lost in thought!

May makes people feel suffocated. A heavy rain washed away the dryness and heat of classmates. Looking at the Countdown next to the blackboard, we can understand that the college entrance examination is approaching ruthlessly. The campus is inevitably full of tension and reluctant farewell. The three-year schoolmate career was accompanied by ups and downs, smiles, tears, troubles and setbacks. Those water-like years flow away in a hurry, leaving endless regrets and countless friendship.

Once flowery, we dreamed of becoming the favored son of heaven, while those lofty ideals were engulfed by reality. However, we were not discouraged, and we were still struggling constantly, hoping to stand higher, in the future, the society can go further. So we can hear our reading sound in the early morning on campus, and we can see our vigorous figure in the scorching playground. We try our best to leave some memories in high school, I want to recall what we did in high school in the future. Maybe we haven’t learned much textbook knowledge, but the traces of those years also prove that we have learned a lot. It is a kind of growth, a kind of training, which makes us transform from young to Young, let us understand more on the road of life. There are ups and downs, hardships, sweat and bitterness all the way, but we are not alone.

Wandering in the campus, feeling the familiar grass and trees, and then thinking of us who were about to leave, it was a little sad, but thinking of a new stage, it was a little hopeful, people are so contradictory.

In fact, campus life is very comfortable, but a hot heart makes me understand that youth cannot be wasted here. There is a wider sky waiting for me to soar outside, so I am looking forward to it, looking forward to the end of the college entrance examination and a bright future. But I will always remember you. Maybe it is difficult outside, but I have no choice.

Walking alone on the street, enjoying the coolness brought by the night. I like the night, which can make me feel calm, carefully recall the scene of playing with classmates during the day, and talk about novels with my deskmate, playing mobile phone online games, Hu Kan is everywhere. Sometimes I can’t help laughing. We would be very happy without the pressure of entering a higher school.

Learning brings us together, and learning separates us from each other. Here I want to bless my classmates and friends.

Zhang Yuan hopes that you can overcome those difficulties and move towards success in your own direction.

Swallow, I want to see you enter your ideal university.

Wretched Zhang Jin wants to be more promising

Zeng Zhen wants to live well, find a good person and get married!

Li Wen, find a better junior college to continue playing!

If the old watch works harder, I will upload two books.

Xiaobai should be happy, don’t always be fond of it.

Liu Haoran looks at you like a generation of Love Killer, Hey Hey, you also work hard!

Yan Miao wishes you a good university and a happy day.

Chicken, you are very smart, but there is also a lot to learn.

Xiaocai doesn’t know what you are going to do after the college entrance examination, but I wish you a smooth sailing.

Chen Kaiming hopes you can surpass me, hehe.

Pulse it’s time to lose weight.

Many classmates and friends are not listed one by one! You all need to cheer up. Those who should go to college should go to college and start a business. I hope we all have a bright future in the future.

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Senior Three

Inscription: this is our quiet campus. Standing in the corridor in the evening and looking…

Senior Three

Inscription: this is our quiet campus. Standing in the corridor in the evening and looking…

Senior Three

Inscription: this is our quiet campus. Standing in the corridor in the evening and looking…