Love such

The love between us is as light as air/And I still can’t bear it/Let the past things keep piling up in my heart/If you don’t know how to cherish the missing, it will expire // The love between us is as heavy as air/the more I want to escape, the more addicted I am/the memory is too crowded for me to breathe/I can only embrace the air/pretend that it is you/never stay away


I have never written a topic about my mother in the article, and I don’t know where to write the article because of the few contacts.

I remember when I was a child, when I just left my mother, my neighbor asked me whether I wanted *** mom or not, and whether I hated *** mom or not. I thought that my mother abandoned us, which was a question that I avoided. Children’s Hearts don’t understand hate, but they are full of missing.

At first, I fought with boys in my class when I was in school. I always thought that I would be bullied because I didn’t have a mother, so I put on a posture that if someone bullied me, I would bully others. Later, when I heard my classmates talking about my mother, I would envy him: it’s nice to have a mother! But I will say nothing about mother. The unanimous silence of people around me made me gradually forget my mother.

Gradually growing up, I once thought that I was a ruthless cold-blooded animal and found that I would not be moved by those wailing or sensational scenes on TV. As for my mother, I thought that I had no feelings at the same time. I thought that I would not express my love without my mother’s care. Later I knew that it was not that I would not be moved, but that the story was not true enough. Now I can meet my mother occasionally, knowing that she loves us, but how can the emotional estrangement over the years be eliminated in a flash. Every time we meet, unconsciously, we often talk about the unhappiness of the past. She always says aggrieved that I know you hate me. At this time, I often keep silent, but the subtext in my heart is: I don’t hate any more, I don’t hate you anymore. On the contrary, I miss you very much.

Although I seldom met each other, I found that my mother knew me very well. Needless to say, she knew why I couldn’t fall asleep at night. She called me and told me to insist on taking medicine even if I got sick soon, at that time, I started to escape from the idea of taking medicine, all of which made me feel that my mother, who looked hip hop on the outside, was very delicate in heart. When I grew up, I found myself becoming like a child. I would like to have the warmth of my mother. I would like to play coquetry in front of her. I was sleepy and tired. I would like to hide in her arms and do nothing!

We often express our love for our families through practical actions, but it is hard to say that I love you personally. Such sensational words will make each other sigh!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, sincerely say: Mom, happy holidays! Of course, not only on Mother’s Day, but also every day!

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Love such

The love between us is as light as air/And I still can’t bear it/Let the…

Love such

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Love such

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