Month: August 2014



I haven’t written for a long time, and many friends sent messages saying why I didn’t write any more articles. In fact, I am still very touched about this point, or sometimes I have never contacted, but I have been paying attention to the light boat and the words of the light boat all theRead More


Stay rabbit

[Introduction]: even if getting along with each other for a few short hours is a Terminator and cannot be continued, I will still stubbornly follow your back with the remaining extravagance. Knowing that the song makes people sad, he roared at the top of his voice. Knowing that the cigarette hurt his body, he smokedRead More



I think I have psychological problems. I hope to solve some problems. I hope my family and I can live a better life. From today on, my 12-year-old daughter and I decided to learn some psychology every day and write down our experiences, which are all about recording my experiences of growing up with myRead More